The End of Innocence, A Poem

Where ever those days have gone... When you were so close to everything That kept me going on. I wish so much That you ... read more

Summer of '98 and One Other, Two Poems

Summer of '98 In this shrinking world of fear you have left me alone dear. I know you had to leave, bu ... read more

Dying Young and One Other, Two Poems

Dying Young Slowly slide away, Hours, days and years... But, the deep blue sea On a blue blue day

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Shattered Dreams and Two Others, Three Poems

Shattered Dreams From the farthest skies above To the deepest of my love There has been just one feeling: ... read more

A Season of Memories, A Poem

More than anything else I know what it means: The loss, the loneliness In my heart Bursting at the seams. No lon ... read more

Anyone Who Molests This Man or His Wife Shall Surely Be Put To Death

It happened anyway, and look at the consequence, fait accompli, fortune, destiny, pernicious lot, an old grey sock, something turni ... read more

Two Nations Are In Your Womb And Two People From Within You Will Be Separated

It was inevitable I guess, with two nations divided how could the good guy work his way out of the pen This is what happens when there are ... read more

Passion Synonymized

Words exhibit traits of polymorphism so often... unfortunately, so too do our own interpretations Ask of love... ask of affection; a fora of ... read more

Please Let Down Your Jar And I'll Water Your Camels Too

With admiration they performed their salacious act, coitus before bedtime coitus with a broom This is how they like it with so many ani ... read more

Sir Listen To Us, You Are A Mighty Prince Among Us, Bury Your Dead In The Choicest Tombs

In a body bag he buried them, without much care, no concern or worries bedtime for the fruit flies, bedlam for the worms Because there ... read more

Know Love

I know how to love you Patient and kind with passion so divine that you see stars in my milky way. With soft words and encouraging ph ... read more

That Old, Old Friend of Mine

There are many priceless jewels; we may desire day by day, And many worldly treasures that we gather by the way, But of all this life's po ... read more

HTTP: Hi-Tech Tales & Poetry

This is a little web development poem of understanding dedicated to everybody working in the creative industry, in the hopes that we will make thei ... read more

Five Poems - The Robot, Reflection, The Last Cicada, Synthetic Blindness, Fascinating Truth

The Robot The intelligent robot having green eyes doesn't understand the sense of the human perfection. H ... read more

Two Poems - Complex Poetic Form and Triple Boketto Poem

Thoughts of Unknowing (Complex Poetic Form) Thoughts of unknowing and you dance me until I become the only movement. ... read more