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Spend Money on Everything That Fulfills You

The humans of the earth have a habit of spending their hard-earned money on things that do not please them, but their society. The wedding celebrat ... read more

Apartments - Top 9 Wealth Creating Reasons to Invest

The main reason people invest is to provide for themselves and their family in the future when it is time to retire from a long and distinguished c ... read more

What Is a Unicorn Story?

A Unicorn is a popular animal featured in many European follore. They often describe it as a creature that either looks like a horse or goat. Some ... read more

New Book Offers Insight Into Personal Injury Trials and Preparation

In Approaching the Bench: Tales of a Personal Injury Lawyer, attorney Jan Weinberg shares some of his most fascinating cases over a career that has ... read more

Vietnam: Conscience and Conflict

Richard Nixon's aides thought Daniel Ellsberg was nuts. Ellsberg's fellow soldiers, too, thought he was nuts when he served in Vietnam. That's not ... read more

Book Review - Rufus Finds A Home

Rufus Finds a Home By: Theodore Jerome Cohen Publisher: TJC Press Publication Date: January 2017 ISBN: 978-1542691697
read more

My Top 5 Stephen King Books

I have been a huge fan of Stephen King ever since the mid-seventies, when he took the literary world by storm with his first novel, Carrie, about a ... read more

Book Review: Major Moves

Genre: Contemporary Word Count: 6,660 Average Goodreads Rating: 3/5 stars My rating: 1/5 stars Jolene Franks and Sa ... read more

ESP Between Mothers And Babies Has Been Well Documented - Can We Duplicate This For Others?

It turns out that mothers and their babies have some incredible communication skills, so incredible in fact, they seem like magic. You see, when a ... read more

Book Review - Bad Land, An American Romance

Johnathan Raban's Bad Land: An American Romance brilliantly and descriptively describes the attempts by would-be farmers and ranchers, tho ... read more

Book Review of "Farewell, My Subaru"

My husband loves gardening and has fantasies about owning a large plot of land and being a farmer. He drives me nuts, asking if he can keep worms o ... read more

Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, by Barack Obama - A Voluntary Book Review

Four years ago I was unwavering in my intention to write about President Barack Obama. To show how his height, color, skills, emotions and so forth ... read more

Your Mind Simulates External Reality

Your mind simulates external reality even if external reality isn't in and of itself a simulation. Even if you are convinced that your external rea ... read more

Book Review: Madoff By Erin Arvedlund

This book tells the story of Bernard Lawrence Madoff who was tried in New York in March 2009 and handed down a 'symbolic' sentence of 150 years in ... read more

Book Review: A New Way To Win

As a recommendation by someone I know, and who knows some of the personal things I am going through, I have read the book A New Way to Win ... read more

How Authors Can Use Listmania to Promote Their Book

As a book publicist I am always on the lookout for effective inexpensive ways to reach book buyers. One way is to tap into the power of Amazon by u ... read more

Book Review: 10% Happier - How Meditation and Mindfulness Can Increase Happiness

Dan Harris' book, 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works--A ... read more

When Children Won't Listen

So, my son has recently learned a new word, and what's so interesting is that I believe he learned it from a Bible App that's made for little ones. ... read more

Longinus' Literary Sublimity in O. Henry's "The Last Leaf"

In the short story, O. Henry used various literary devices such as personification:"Mr. Pneumonia was not what you would call a chivalric old g ... read more

How To Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Truth is... there is NO magic button to push and send Affiliate Marketers a tsunami of cash. Wish that were possible but the button only begins to ... read more

Review of Massimo Carlotto's 'The Goodbye Kiss'

Undoubtedly informed by the author's own fugitive years - on the run from Italian police, tortured in Mexico, jailed in Italy and eventually pardon ... read more

Chasing Normal

Who wouldn't want to be considered the star high school athlete? To be admired by everyone is a high school student's dream, but is there a down si ... read more

Stephen King's It

Another thrilling page turner from the master of horror, Stephen King's It is a tale told in two parts. The first part takes place during the summe ... read more

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Review - The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide

I read and review dozens of weight loss plans and Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle has to be one of the most complete and detailed guides ... read more

In the Season of Bloodshed

Book title: The Poems Of Peace (In the season of Bloodshed) Author: Shehu Sani Pagination: 129 Printed by: Labari Communicatio ... read more

How to Collect Museum Catalogues From the Netherlands

Collecting Crouwel, Sanberg and Wissing is not only valuable but fun too! How to start your collection of (dutch) MUSEUM catalogues from the ... read more

Design for Practice Management System Success - A Review of Tharon Howard's "Design to Thrive"

Teamwork is considered the weakest link in most medical practices. Teamwork is important not only to get the job done but also to grow your practic ... read more

Review of "Stillpower" by Garret Kramer

I got the chance to get an early copy of the book Stillpower: Excellence with Ease in Sports and Life by Garret Kramer, and I have to ... read more

Exposing Your Children To Educational Books

One cannot undermine the importance of reading in a child's education. That's why educational books are important as they help increase a child's v ... read more

No Soliciting

This is the message given to most people who approach my front door. There are many others as well that have such a warning posted. Does it help? N ... read more

Review of Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter: Caches, Curses, and Deadly Confrontations By W.C. Jameson Published by Seven Oaks Publishing Company E-book edition, 2 ... read more

Cookbook Classics

If you have space for only a few cookbooks in your kitchen here are some cookbook classics to consider. Fannie Farmer Cookbookread more

Understanding Diversity Through Reading

Books are the gateway to learning. They let us explore different worlds, people, languages, foods, etc. Sometimes the things we learn from books ar ... read more

Pete Dunne's Essential Field Guide Companion

When you think of a bird identification book, you don't usually think of a fun read. Pete Dunne has changed this with his book, released in 2006. ... read more

Take Flight With Silver Wings and a Golden Quill

The release of 'With Silver Wings and a Golden Quill' by Tanya Campos-Gracia has been long-awaited by many of Tanya's friends and family. This is T ... read more

Money Magazines - Your Gateway to Financial Success

Any business requires constant updating of information so that it keeps on generating money and does not get outdated. Ideas for beneficial modific ... read more

An Inspirational Book for All Seasons

Inspired by the movie Avatar, Don Robinson's book the Spirit of Avatar: the role of relationships focuses on how relationships influence us in our ... read more

Best Comics and Their Value

The pricing of the best comic books are unpredictable like most other things. More often than not, they are quite costly. Determining the value of ... read more

One Hundred and One More Devotions

Have you read the book "One Hundred and One Devotions for Homeschool Moms?" If you haven't, then you're missing out on a blessing! This book was wr ... read more

Book Review of Carmindy's Crazy Busy Beautiful

Carmindy Kathryn Bowyer is a renowned American makeup artist. She is based in New York and is best known for her work on TLC's TV show What Not to ... read more

The Secret to Life - The Book That Will Transform Your Life in Every Way!

Do you feel you would like your life to take a more positive turn? Do you feel you want to change your current situation in life and bring about po ... read more

Review of the Globe Trekker Year Book - 2010

For the adventurous traveller, the world really is your oyster nowadays. Virtually no part of the planet is left untouched but travellers in search ... read more

The Art of Approaching Women - Book Review

I recently discovered Joseph Matthews book "The Art Of Approaching Women", and I am completely amazed by it. I'm usually very skep ... read more

A Useful Google Map Help Guide

If you want simple, no-nonsense directions, then MapQuest might be the best site for you. The website is very user-friendly and easy to use. On the ... read more

Space-Time - It's Time We All Learned More

Relativistic Physics conflicts with the way we perceive our own world presently and it is not a trick or anything like that, it's just the way thin ... read more

My Particles Are Dancing!

" Oh sun, rise. Particles are dancing. I see headless, footless spirits dancing with ecstasy. Some are dancing at the dome of the sky. Come close. ... read more

Debrett's Reviews 2007

Guiding the readers through a comprehensive range of topics, the Debrett's Reviews 2007 provides over 300 photographs of Britain and the British du ... read more