What Is Change?

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To change is to deviate from what is known, from what is familiar, in order to start something new. However, change can often cause many individuals to feel uncomfortable or anxious. And thus, even though things may not be functioning in the most efficient or best possible way, people will not venture off the known path because there is no guarantee of what will happen.

There may be no certainty that the change will be for the better but change is growth. And that makes it necessary.

People normally contemplate change when:

But there is a difference between change that occurs as a result of individual choice and change that occurs as an adaptation.

A choice to change, for example, is one that is set by most people on the first of every year: a New Year's Resolution. This falls under logic. You realize that some aspect of your life is not as great as it could be, whether it be that you are not eating as well as you could be or that you are spending too much money on useless items, and you actively choose to change it.

On the other hand, an example of a change in reality is when you are told that if you do not pick up the slack, you will be demoted or fired. You are not voluntarily choosing to work more but will do so in order to maintain your position.

However, New Year's Resolutions, more often than not, fail within the first month. And why is that?

You made a choice to change! Great. But you were not able to commit because mentally, it was not an instance of sink-or-swim, where if you did not change, it would have visible adverse consequences, such as getting fired.

So what can you do to channel the same strength that external adaptations force you to use for personal decisions? Gain better control of your emotions. This change will impact your personal and business life, allowing you to continue to move forward in both aspects.

If you have been experiencing anxiety when it comes to dealing with change or are uncertain about what changes to implement within your company, consider working with a business coach in order to discuss possible courses of action. S/he will work with you to confront and fix the problems.

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Author: Tmima Grinvald Published: 2016-07-07