Cebu Pacific Air: Great Service That Lingers in My Memory Forever

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When we talk about the highest service mindset level of an organization, I can't help but always recall how this unbelievable service has been rendered to me and my kid by the ground attendants and cabin crew of Cebu Pacific Air. Here's the unforgettable story:

I was an absent-minded passenger flying with my then, 9-year old son, on the verge of divorce with my ex-husband. A tumultuous point in my life, I had finally decided that my first-born who was with me on this trip, would stay with me for good, abroad. All the while my mind was afloat deciphering how to take with me next, the other son I had left, at the soonest possible chance.

With a worrisome head, we arrived at the airport only two hours before flight. With such time-constraints, I was highly tense about making it to the plane, considering the many routine checks and long process for boarding. Worse, I didn't have the local currency to pay for airport fees, and looking around for a foreign exchange at midnight caused us even more setbacks.

Eventually, I was able to exchange my Malaysian Ringgit to Philippine Pesos, paid the fees, and checked in but saw another horrible odd in the way. My son and I were standing last in a frightful tangle of queues at the immigration thirty swift minutes before the gate was supposed to close!

Just as all my hopes for this trip have decidedly crumbled, the insurmountable became possible! Suddenly, two ground attendants from the airline showed up and resolutely talked to the immigration officer on duty and requested the lengthy queue to make way for me and my son. With their hand-held radios, the airline staff starting from the immigration, through the gate, and plane itself swimmingly coordinated with a single heroic mission to get these helpless mother-and-son passengers on board the already moving plane! What was more cinematic, our fellow passengers greeted us with warm applause of welcome inside the plane --- a timely and heartwarming acknowledgment of what I think was the most heart-stopping obstacle course we have ever endured in our history of flying.

My angels incarnated, these tenacious airline staff that got me through this miracle was from none other than "Cebu Pacific Air!" One of the leading domestic and international airline in the Philippines, it is home of creative and customer-centric staff and management, indeed, in my experience. If not for this very alert, synchronized, and caring rescue from their end, I wouldn't have a piece of those wonderful, special memories I have shared with my precious son in Kuala Lumpur. This, at such a time when its alternate reality was much feasible due to marital disputes I was having with my former spouse. So you see in here, how a service that's "Above and Beyond Call of Duty," can be truly life-changing. I will never get tired of telling this story over and over again to family and close friends as this has been such a personally memorable and cherished experience I had with Cebu Pacific.

Conclusion: We need a sustaining culture with the mindset to uplift service, since this is the only pathway to achieve any personal and professional goal that we have (Ron Kaufman, "Uplifting Service," 2012). Ergo, we refer to this uplifting service, an excellent or superior service.

Author: Marishelle Arnaldo Published: 2018-05-31