Why the 1% Percenters Are Better Than You

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Bet that headline really grabbed your attention didn't it? Bet you're filled with righteous indignation and can't wait to prove me wrong. Because you're on the side of good and righteousness and want to help mankind, while the 1 percenters are evil and looking to destroy it.

Sounds fair, so let's get started.

Before I point out why the 1 percenters are better than you, I'll begin by showing you the defectiveness of your thinking, your lack of courage and your inability to see the reality of your situation.

I'll begin with the mantra drilled into your head since childhood. The mantra of "Get a good education so you can get a good job." That certainly sounded logical, didn't it? Nobody wants to be saddled with a low paying, dead end job. So you went along and worked hard to acquire both. And I'll bet you're passing down that very same mantra to your own children.

But here is where your thinking is defective. You're getting that good education so you can have the skills a 1 percenter can use to increase his wealth and his power.

Not your own.

You're putting yourself into years of massive student debt so you can get a job where you are told what to do, where to go, when to eat, where to live, when to go home, and what to wear, in exchange for a weekly salary.

The 1 percenters do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Here's what I tell my children.

Focus all your time and energy on learning how to make money. Because once you learn how to make money, you will never be beholden to anyone ever again. Learn how investments work, how real estate works, how to trade commodities, what index funds are, how to raise capital, and how to start a business. Start as early as possible. By age sixteen you should have at least one successful business and be in the process of creating another.

And if they want to go to college I tell them they'll go when they can afford to pay for it, not before.

Now, here is why the 1 percenters have more courage than you.

For starters, the 1 percenters are realists. They understand that no job is permanent. They understand that nobody OWES them a job. They understand that their employer will fire them the minute they find someone, or something, that will do their job at a lower cost. They understand that in order to become wealthy they must work harder than their competition, be willing to lose everything, constantly network, and surround themselves with people they can learn from. Because they realize that if becoming rich were easy, everyone would do it.

Now ask yourself. Are you willing to risk homelessness, massive debt, a broken marriage, the scorn of friends and relatives, the hatred of competitors, and the very real possibility that all your hard work and sacrifice will result in utter and complete failure in order for you to become a member of the 1 percent?

Didn't think so. If you were, you would have done it already.

Now here is why you aren't seeing the reality of your situation. Let's start with the employee mentality. The employee believes that if he shows up for work, and does what he is told to do, he deserves to be paid at the end of the week. He doesn't care if the work he did made the company money or not. He also believes that he should get a yearly raise for doing the exact same job. And since the employer has a lot of money, and the employee has little, the employer should be generous when it comes to raises and bonuses.

The employer understands that every move he makes MUST be focused on making a profit. He has investors and creditors who have trusted him with their money and products in order for them to make a profit. Until he reaches the 1 percent status he has a financial gun at his head every working day.

But you don't care about that, right?

What really infuriates me is when I see some bearded, sandal-wearing, protest sign carrying, social activist demanding the 1 percenters donate their money to this or that cause. And when I see that they are, for the most part, are white and college educated I have to wonder why they, if they are truly concerned about the welfare of the downtrodden, aren't putting in the time and effort to create a lot of money so they themselves can finance the social change they are calling for others to do.

Probably because that would require a lot of work and sacrifice and the reality is, the only reason they are speaking out is so they can feel good about themselves.

And the final reason why the 1 percenters are better than you is because they are incredibly generous. Look at Bill Gates, Warren Buffet. Tony Robbins, J.K Rowling, Gordon Moore of Intel, Jon Huntsman Sr. of Huntsman Inc. Ted Turner of TBS and Pierre Omidyar of eBay just to name a few. They have donated billions of their wealth to various charities, medical institutions and to feeding the poor. They have improved the lives of more people than a million social activists could do in ten lifetimes. Yet they are constantly portrayed as greedy, selfish and miserly.

And some of them are! But so what? There are just as many greedy, selfish and miserly regular people, they just have a lower profile.

At this point, you have had either a real AHA! moment, or disagree completely. Either way is fine. What's important is that both sides of any volatile issue get equal representation.

So what's the moral of this story? It's this. Before you call upon the 1 percenters to denote their money to a particular cause. Become a 1 percenter yourself and see how freely YOU DONATE YOUR MONEY to worthy causes.

Because you may not be as quick to reach for that checkbook as you think.

Author: Zackary Richards Published: 2016-07-27