Organizing Business Networking Meetings

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Business networking is very important and creating meetings for the same can get you very important contacts and leads. Whether you are looking for new employees, new clients or beneficial contacts, then the meetings will help you do just that. However, the meetings are only as successful as how you plan and organize them and you therefore must be attentive to all details so you can get crowded rooms that generate value for your company and business at large. What you do before, during and after the meetings rely determines the results that you get.

What to do before the meeting

With your networking idea ready, start thinking about getting attendees to the meeting. You can create an event website where all interested individuals and groups can get all the information they need regarding the meeting. It would also be a nice thing to create invitations and send them; digital invitations have gained popularity and you can use them to promote the event. Make sure you make your viewers and readers see the value of coming to the meeting and make it easy for them to register on-site.

When creating the content for the event, make sure that you give important information such as the venue and the direction to it, availability of parking at the venue as well as the time and date of the meeting. You can also try selling event packages and tickets or create event badges that are professional and can be scanned and printed. Registering attendees' online and sending personalized emails to your contacts offers a very convenient way of organizing the event and actually making the meeting a success by the number of attendees you get.

What to do during the meeting

On the meeting day, ensure that there are people to welcome every guest and probably even extend a welcome gift to them and break down the event for them. You can provide those who do not have event badges with some or create name badges for the day. You can allow an hour to pass to allow your guests to mingle and get comfortable with each other before officially starting the networking meeting. Everything from the start of the meeting, the breaks and the ending should be official.

Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone who attends the meeting and be interesting and a good listener too. It is a networking meeting so make sure that you find opportunities to connect your guests so they can benefit from each other. You can also recruit anchors to ensure that even guests who would rather sit quietly in a corner have someone to engage them and make them feel as part of the meeting.

What to do after the meeting

Few days after a successful business networking meeting, send follow up your contacts and guests with thank you notes and highlight benefits and opportunities that are specific to the relationship you have created with them. Keep the follow-ups as professional as possible and you will make a lasting impression and gain in the way that you want to gain as a business.

Author: Jovia D'Souza Published: 2016-04-29