Schedule a system reboot on pfSense 2.4

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Rebooting a firewall server on a schedule is not something commonly done unless there is a particular reason why you need this to happen repeatedly at a specific time. Having said that, if scheduling system reboots is something you need to accomplish, follow the video above where I'll show you how to setup a Cron Job on pfSense 2.4 to manage this task.


In the pfSense GUI, go to System > Package Manager Click on Available Packages and search for "cron" Click install, this will setup a cron configuration page in the WebGUI under the Services > cron 


Navigate to Services > cron Click Add button at the bottom to add a new cron jobIn this window you will tell cron to execute a command, from a specific user, at a specific time, by entering the following: 30 5 * * * root shutdown -r now in this example, the shutdown command will run everyday at 5:30 AM
  • Minute: 30
  • Hour: 5
  • Day of the Month: *
  • Month of the Year: *
  • Day of the Week: *
  • User: root
  • Command: shutdown -r now
Click Save and you're Done!