Advantages of Rapid Application Development

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Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Computer Assisted Software Engineering (CASE) tools and prototyping are used for describing processes to increase the pace at which a software is developed. If a company is developing a graphical interface for a gaming software, rapid software development tools would facilitate speedy development of codes by integrating all the basic parameters in the prototype tools. A developer would simply use the tools instead of writing a separate section of codes for that procedure. Sometimes, some features of a program are compromised in order to generate the end product in less time. In simple words, the raw data of a firm is entered into this application, which processes it into finished and structured business and data models as software and its prototypes. The result is in accordance to the user's requirements.

An astounding 65% of the budget of large firms is spent on maintenance and upgrading its operating systems. These were designed only some time ago, but given the nature of alterations and their frequencies, many software require changes and transitions. Quite often, the end users can satisfactorily meet all their requirements even without some essential components of a software. It is the task of a software developing team to identify all such potential areas of operation which can be left out or encapsulated within a broader heading, to save the time, effort, and cost. In some other cases, the business which has ordered the software can negotiate on certain parts which can be done away with, before the software is fully developed. It may again save valuable cost and time before implementing the software.

RAD is a combination of entities like a well-defined methodology, a dedicated and trained staff, proper and efficient management practices, which uses both efficient manual and computer tools. The entire system of operation can be summarized as a software development mechanism providing higher quality in less time, using:

Advantages of Using RAD

There are many advantages of using RAD, and it can solve many concerns of the user as well as the developer.

Rapid Application Development is an efficient methodology which can assist faster software development, and at the same time ensure maximum quality of the project as a whole.