Feel Stronger By Walking

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I feel stronger when I am out walking. I know when I walk I feel much healthier. Not only does walking help me get into shape, it helps me clear my mind. After my mother passed away, I can honestly say I hardly moved for a year. The second year I tried to move more, but my muscles were weak and my motivation was low. Not a good combination for a woman my age who gained 34 pounds in a short period of time.

January 2016 was the first time since my mom's passing I actually mentally and emotionally felt like myself again. Notice I did not include feeling physically like myself in that sentence? With a 34 pound rapid weight gain, I felt nothing like myself.

My friends were all signing up for the Sacramento Shamrock 5k. They really wanted me to go with them. I hadn't walked 5k without a break in over two years. I wanted to be part of the team, but I had a fear of being hauled to the finish line on the back of the medic cart. I knew if I let this opportunity pass me by, I would continue to be afraid of failing. I signed up for the walk and hoped for the best.

It was fun participating in something physical with my friends. We had an agreement that "no one would be left behind." All nine of us finished the race together and it was exciting. We screamed and cheered like we had crossed the finish line at the head of the pack. In reality, we were close to the very end, but who care? We did it and we did it together as a team.

My fears and nerves were unwarranted. I finished and I did not take any breaks! It felt great to accomplish a much needed and wanted goal. My goal this year is to get physically fit and feel stronger. I am well on my way.

My friends and I have already signed up for the Bubble 5K in June. I am not even sure what that is, but I am doing it with my friends. I'm hoping to beat my Shamrock 5k time of 1 hour and 4 minutes. Regardless of my time in the Bubble 5k, if I am off the couch then I am making great progress. Walking does makes me feel stronger. The more I walk the stronger my legs, back, hips, mind and self-esteem get. Walking costs me nothing, but not walking costs me everything.