The Mind and Body As You Age

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Aging is meant to be a joyful experience for every woman. However, this is not always the case. On average, women are subjected to much more daily stress than men are which makes for a less than ideal aging experience.

Do all the things that promote good health and good state of mind to bask in joy and happiness.

Taking Care of Your Mind

There's more to taking care of your mind than meditation and yoga, though both of those things are great ways to keep your mind agile. According to WebMD, there is a whole host of things you can do to keep your mind and body in shape.

Sleep is vital, you might have been quite fine about getting just 4 hours of sleep every night when you were young and chasing a career or dealing with kids, but it becomes more difficult for our bodies to cope with little sleep as we age. Taking time to meditate before bed is an excellent way to ensure you get a restful sleep.

Take time out every morning to enjoy quiet time. Whether it's for yoga, meditation, or to visualize your day. Even taking time out to read a passage that you find inspiring, anything that allows you to focus on self-renewal. It's important to be optimistic, so take time to dwell on the purpose and meaning in your life. You should associate with positive people; you don't want to be surrounded by people who will drain you of your energy with complaints and misery.

Keep your home clutter free and clean, make it a space that you can enjoy and recharge in.

Make sure that you get as much aerobic exercise, which is as simple as taking a long walk. Not only will it help to strengthen your bones, but it will also reduce the risk of heart disease.

Take time to have fun, whatever activities you enjoy are the ones you should take time out to indulge in. Whether that is skiing, backpacking, dancing, or going to a baseball game.

You should take time to find an outlet for your creativity- it stimulates your mind and helps to prevent depression, which can affect your memory.

Don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about depression, it's a common occurrence for women in midlife. The symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, sadness, loss of hope, lapses in concentration, and feelings of worthlessness.

Taking Care of Your Body

With age comes wisdom, and when we were younger we spent all our time comparing our bodies against magazines to see how we measured up. Forget being hung up on measurements, instead focus on what your body does. The more you focus on what your body can accomplish, the more you learn to love it.

It's time to focus on being strong, and forget about being skinny. When our focus is on being skinny it's because we're worried about what other people think about our bodies, however when we work at being strong- it's about what our bodies are doing for us, and what they're capable of. It's time to start focusing on what your body does for you, rather than getting hung up on how it looks.

That doesn't mean you should hit the gym and eat whatever you want. Diet can play a huge role in taking care of your body, with the American Journal of or Clinical Nutrition suggesting that adhered to a healthy lifestyle can combat serious chronic illnesses.

Our blood vessels lose their elasticity as we age, and that increases the force with which the blood runs through veins. For menopausal women, the risk of heart disease increases and a healthy lifestyle reduces that risk. That includes plenty of vegetables and fruit, as well as whole grains, olive oil, and moderate wine consumption. A healthy lifestyle is associated with lower risks of heart disease and cancer.

Additionally, our risk of high blood pressure grows as we age, so it's vital that we reduce our salt intake. Americans get 72% of their salt intake from processed foods, adhering to a healthy diet reduces that risk. High blood pressure leaves us at risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, heart failure, and early death.

Because our stomach acid decreases as we age, it's difficult for our bodies to absorb B12 from the foods that we eat. Taking B12 supplements daily will help prevent the symptoms before they get a chance to start.

Learn to stop knocking your body by making a list of when it has been at its strongest.

Have you carried a child inside you for 9 months, dealt with accidents, been through surgeries, or ran a marathon? Make a list of those times your body could have given up on you, but didn't. Look at it every time you start to knock your body.