The Invisible Has More Power Over Us Than We Realise

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We all feel emotions, we all experience energy. But we cannot see them. They are invisible to us except when we express them through our bodies. We express them through our facial expression, our demeanour, our whole being.

We feel emotions in our hearts, we say, yet we know it is not our physical heart. We say we feel butterflies in our tummy, yet we know they are not coming from our physical stomach. We sometimes feel a lump in our throats when our emotions well up and we choke, yet we know it is not coming from our physical throat.

Then where are they from? And why do we experience them?

These are energies moving in our energy system! If we talk about our energy body we could also refer to it as the etheric body. I've learned from a teacher psychologist a long time ago, that this is our blueprint body. It is the foundation of our physical body. I imagine that this is like the steel frames of buildings before a building is set in concrete, the steel frames are built to hold the building up.

The thing is, our etheric body is often not taken care of, simply because it is invisible. We wash daily, but our etheric body doesn't get the same care somehow. And if left on its own over long periods of time, these blocked and built up negative energies can cause us to become unwell physically. Just as if you do not wash yourself daily, you can become infected with all kinds of bacterias, germs or viruses.

Some of you may not know this, but as a life coach, I teach not just about time management, goal setting, living one's life purpose. One of the things I am passionate about educating people is the importance of taking care of one's invisible body -- the body where we experience our emotions, our butterflies and our lumps in the throat.

How do we keep it clear and clean? Here are some simple exercises you can easily do on your own daily.