Autumn Arrives With a Crash - Now Is the Time to Think About Yourself

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As the weather has turned from warm to cold in a matter of days we can start to see the arrival of Autumn and all the changes that it makes to our lives. The leaves are already starting to fall and change into their wonderful colours before the trees become bare. The summer holidays seem a long way away now that the children have gone back to school, and suddenly we may find that we have time to sit and think.

As the days get shorter it can be harder and harder to stave off the onset of some of those winter blues. It becomes tough to rise in the morning and to keep those sunny summer smiles.

It's always a good idea to make sure that you still get some sunshine. In the summer we are able to enjoy those light evenings but with the darkness setting in sooner many people find that they may be going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark also. If that is the case then why not think about making sure that you go for a walk in the park at the weekend? If you are free during the day then go out and get that fresh air, you may need a coat, but nothing compares to breathing in that wonderful autumn air and maybe even feeling a little sun on your face!

It also really helps to give yourself some time as well. As a clinical hypnotherapist I always make sure that I allow myself time to sit and breathe and relax.

Never underestimate how much good some time just sitting and clearing your mind of the worries of the day can be. Perhaps you could even join a walking group and get a little bit more fresh air and exercise. So often at this time of year we stop doing the exercise and getting the fresh air that we have had all summer, and so if I was to give just one tip then it would be to reverse that way of thinking. It's actually a time of year when we really should be getting much more than we did! Seek out the fresh air and it really will help.

If you take steps now then you really can end those winter blues and then you can enjoy all that this time of year has to offer. Grab a coat and hat and just check out the amazing colours and light that surround us.