Weight Loss - Recording Your Weight Loss Progress

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Measuring and recording your weight loss progress is a useful trick to boost your efforts...

Now, there are many ways to approach how you will record your progress. You can be religious about it, or somewhat relaxed. Ideally, you will find a balance, because leaning towards one way or the other could do more harm than good. Being too meticulous about your means of recording is likely to cause frustration, mental fatigue, and potential burnout. Whereas not paying any attention to detail and being lackadaisical would be counterintuitive to the purpose in the first place.

The two methods you ought to use when recording your progress is...

Primarily, you might as well record your caloric intake as you record your progress because it will facilitate how much weight your lose.

Remember, you do not have to be overly meticulous.What does this mean? It means you do not need to step on the scale every day, or count every calorie (nor should you). But weighing yourself weekly (first thing in the morning on the same day each week) and counting your calories with reasonable accuracy is going to provide essential feedback.

If you are not making any or enough progress from week to week on the scales, then take a look at your calories. If your estimation is reasonably accurate, you will have to decrease your total intake a bit further. Subtracting 200 from your daily calorie intake is sustainable and enough to cause change.

Regarding your weight, make sure you are recording your weekly numbers in a notebook or document. It is crucial to have a log so you can see the progress you are making and eventually, how far you have come. Nothing is more motivating than seeing your efforts are paying off.