Me and My Grandparents

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They say that there is no one who love and cares about you more than your parents, I do not doubt this statement but I am proud to say I have two mothers and 2 fathers, and I am glad to tell that the love and care they have for me is endless and magical, they are none other than who I call my precious grandparents.

I like all other children realized the true meaning of it as I grew up, my Nana is a person who I call my hero, the world surely has modernized and have a lot of new stuff to talk and do but he is someone who every time has new things, experiences and knowledge to share. He is a man of his words, his charming looks and perfect dressing is something that makes me wonder that how can someone who is not a celebrity can always look so perfect, he is someone whom can be called a celebrity in real terms, who just not dresses up and stay fit to show the world but it is in his blood to be like that.

When I was a kid he was someone who actually understood me, I use to love to collect money and he made me do that by keeping money every day one the same couch where I use to sit as soon as I used to wake up, there was not a single day when he forgot to keep the money for me, taking me on a drive even after being so tired of his busy schedule of work with a grin on his face, he was an active person with so much loving qualities, feeding pets and taking care of them, exercising and praying in morning and after all this having a smile all day on his face. He is a person that is born to be adored.

Mothers have a special place in your heart that no one else can ever have, my Nani is the most graceful lady who have a beautiful heart. Like most of the children, you fight with your mother and not always agree with every word she says when you are a kid, in my case as a child I used to be a very naughty person who has teased her a lot, but her patience of handling me and still loving me today makes me realize that how much I love her for being so cooperative always with me as when I think if I was in her place I could not have so much patience of tolerating such a stubborn child like I was.

I as a kid was a person who had to be dragged in the bathroom to take a bath and she was the best person who could do it. Always giving me the comfort that I want and loving me the most, in my heart I also knew that she is the person whom I can be dependent on in terms of teasing and then having the guarantee of getting forgiveness on a single apology from her.

Her delightful cooking recipes and her beautiful collection of saris is what I can never forget, she is a master chef who does not let anyone in the kitchen as it is her territory and she handles it with excellence.

They are the best couple I could ever know of, loving and taking care of each other, making best decisions for everyone and enjoying their life to the fullest. They are my grandparents whom I love a lot and miss a lot.