Planning a Princess or Fairy Party

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Snacks are a super important part of any birthday party or slumber party. My kids love what we call peanut butter yummies. I can hardly walk past them without popping another in my mouth. It is super important to have several kids in the house to help keep you from binge eating them. Just melt peanut butter and oil (butter, coconut oil, olive oil) until smooth. I usually use a whole jar of peanut butter and then add maybe 1/4 cup oil. Once it is smooth add powdered sugar to taste. Then stir in corn flakes until you can't add anymore. Scoop into balls on wax paper.

Dress them up in fairy or princess costumes. Every little girl loves to pretend like they are a princess. There are lots of choices for out there, but remember these little girls just want to be pretty. I think it is probably best if you get all of the girls the same color. This just helps keep everyone happy. Nobody wants to get stuck with the bad color. It helps if you just pick a color theme for your fairy or princess party and get all of your dress up accessories to match.

Buying on a budget? The last place you should look is your local department store. I have found that the big box stores have the biggest mark up. In this day and age you can buy straight from the manufacturer or importer. The best place I've found to buy princess or fairy dress up supplies and costumes is at They have everything you are going to need. Let's say your budget is five bucks per kid. They carry princess tiaras for $1, dress up tutus for $1.75, fairy wands for $.50, ribbon halos for $1 and fairy or butterfly wings for only $1.50. That means you can get an entire fairy or princess outfit for under five bucks. Best of all the ribbon halos and wands can be custom made for your party theme colors. Plus you want to be able to afford to send every child that attends the party home with their items.

Taking pictures makes them all feel like movie stars. Little girls like nothing more than to pose in their little outfits. Post them one the web and let everyone know how great your party went and where you got all of your great items. Trust me other moms will appreciate the advice and the kids can have fun tagging themselves on their own accounts.

Birthday party games are a key part to any party. It keeps the kids having fun and interacting with each other. It is a good idea to have several board games available. Keep them away from the video games.

Most of all just keep things light and fun. After all these are memories that you are creating for your children and their friends.