Podcast Rocks Everybody and Is Making Lots of Money

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What happened to the radio? Fewer people are listening to the radio, and the disc jockeys are improving all the time. Entertainment over the radio is on an all time high, but the public seems to look for an alternative to the radio.

Where are the masses going to? Let me tell you a little secret. It is known in the industry as the Great Podcast Renaissance. 2015 is going to explode with audio content, especially podcasting.

Listeners are getting busier and busier and do not have time to sit in front of the television. They want entertainment on the run.

Podcast rocks because the listeners can listen to podcasts on demand anywhere, whether they are in the gym, commuting to and from work on the train, travelling in the car, cleaning the house, or just lazing around.

The only device necessary to listen to your favorite podcast is a smart phone, tab, iPhone, iPod, or android unit. The choice the listener has is to stream the digital audio file or to download and store it on the device in mp3 format.

The listener can listen to whatever they want to listen to, not a program controller at a radio station's choice. Furthermore, you can listen when you want to listen to the digital audio file, unlike the radio which has a set time for every program.

What used to irritate me is that when there is a talk show and it is just getting interesting, suddenly it stops because time has run out. Ever so rude the announcer will mumble a few words you can not hear and that is the end.

Indirectly podcasting can make you lots of money. If you give your audience great podcasts with good content, your audience numbers will grow and in turn reveal you to more and more listeners. Opportunities will start knocking at your door, for instance you will appear as a guest speaker at more TV and radio shows.

You can start selling your most popular digital audio file series. Give the listeners a live show where you sell tickets. This will really be fun.

Advertising is another great way of making money. Combine a digital audio file with a website. Start selling products related to webcasts, like a Webinar on how to become a great Podcaster or an e-book on the greatest podcast shows and their Case Studies.

Publish your own webcasts on your blog which in turn will bring you more traffic. More opportunities will arise to make money.

The sheer pressure of your audience will lead you to new heights and the audience will show you what they want. Be very sensitive to their needs.