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The Future Is Upon Us

I remember standing out in my front yard as a child one evening, I was probably about five or six years old. At the time I lived in southern ... read more

Lessons From The Baltic

All too often, we, Americans, proceed through life, in a rather, tainted manner, taking things like freedoms, liberties, and relative safety, for g ... read more

Gilbert Punished and Taken Away: Memoirs of the Nigerian-Biafran Civil War, 1967-1970

At five o'clock, Gilbert surrendered to the conscriptors. Even in his fear of death Gill was annoyed by how skinny and short the angry recruiter wa ... read more

4 Basic Options For America's Economy/Budget

The United States of America, was created, based on certain principles, of freedom, and liberty, rights and obligations. Far too often, we have wit ... read more

Vladimir Putin

Russian leader Vladimir Putin was born in 1952 in St. Petersburg (then referred to as Leningrad). After graduating from Leningrad State Faculty, Pu ... read more

A Yellow Plastic Duck

I guess you have no interest in my bathing habits but, I am sorry, you are just going to have to read a little before you get to the meat in today' ... read more

Energy in the 21st Century

Energy may be the most important factor that will influence the shape of society in the 21st century. The cost and availability of energy significa ... read more

When I Am Gone

As the age of my years catches up with me I have become more acutely aware of my own mortality. I have begun to question when I am gone will anybod ... read more

Why Boko Haram Became Violent

There is no justification whatsoever, when citizens begin to take arms against its nation and fellow citizens by any guise. But this is our story i ... read more

The Mountain Wind Of Pakistan

The mountain wind is a high density cold wind that blows from mountain tops towards the valleys making the nights at the valley stations quite chil ... read more

New Invention

Scientists from the École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne or EPFL have developed a new invention that is able to split any kind of sound into se ... read more

Rachel Maddow's Drift - A Review

Rachel Maddow is best known for her show on MSNBC. She does have the credentials to write and research about the military-industrial complex, inclu ... read more