Fear Leads Us To Socialism

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In the United States, our country was founded on the idea of personal freedom and a rugged individualism. Many brave souls have fought and died so that we might enjoy the many freedoms we have.

Unfortunately, over the years, many of those freedoms have evaporated right before our eyes.

There are many reasons for this but the most obvious to those who are paying attention is our natural desire to be taken care of and have someone else become responsible for our lives. It seems much easier than being responsible for our lives, this and an underlying fear that we don't have the knowledge to survive on our own.

This fear is often brought on by parents not teaching their kids survival and coping skills. When children are raised with someone providing every basic need, being protected from every conceivable danger, with no fear of consequences if they fail or do something wrong, how do you think they are going to act when they grow up?

It is a natural response after a few generations of improving our lifestyle. People become lax and in a sense lazy, they seem to think that it is easier to let the government provide for their every want and need, by giving others responsibility for their health and welfare, the individual is freed up to enjoy more pleasurable pursuits, such as watching mindless TV, video games or enjoying their favorite beverage at the local pub.

Soon people lose all sense of responsibility and personal welfare, thinking government will have their personal interests in mind as they listen to and believe every politician promise to look after them and give them everything free they could possibly ever want or need.

The general populace soon forgets that politicians only have one thing in mind, the only thing they are really good at, getting reelected, and forgetting they will say or do anything they need to accomplish that end and continue to live on the gravy train they have provided for themselves.

Soon citizens have become slaves to the government, depending on it for their very livelihood. They have lost all desire to be free and independent, and don't even realize what has happened.

It happened so slowly, it was like putting a frog in a pan of warm water and slowly turning up the heat. The frog will soon die, not realizing that the temperature of the water was increased until the frog could no longer survive.

During this process, many have lost sight of the idea of being independent, constantly being fed by twenty-four-hour news all the horrors of living, the constant commercials describing every disease one could possibly conceive, slowly people become fearful of everything that could possibly harm them, they soon lose faith in their own abilities to ward off danger and disease.

As the fear increases, so does their dependence on government and the medical field to protect them from all the dangers of life.

They have forgotten every value, moral and ethical principle their country was founded on. The foundation of a once great nation is gone.

They become totally paranoid, thinking they could die from something terrible at any minute, losing all sense of reason and common sense in the process, then it is just a short small step to becoming totally dependent on government and allowing socialism to totally take over civilization, they have become slaves to the very government that originally set them free.