November Darkness

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The gray skies of November have arrived and with it brings the winds of change. As daylight savings passes into the darkness of this month marked a foreboding sense that the certainty of the past was just an illusion. The somber reality has arrived with Trump infestation into the national consciousness and onto the world stage. The Trump train steam rolled over a beguiled public. Perplexed and bewildered millions agree that what should have been turned into what could have been.

Lost in translation at this time of year when hope and benevolence should ring in every ear is the arrival of these tempestuous times. Now, as November darkness has closed on in we have to reflect at the meaning of this time of year. The hustle and bustle that has always accompanied a coming holiday season has been overshadowed when this November darkness came on in.

When the leaves have all turned brown and have fallen to the ground reminds us that Thanksgiving and Christmas are soon to come around. Overshadowed by the unexpected turns of fortune has marred this Thanksgiving cheer. But, when the increasing holiday hype increases every year has had a devastating impact, like this past November 8th, on the significance of why we celebrate the holidays with reverence and cheer. The holiday commercialism that has started earlier every year has also had a reversing affect when November darkness rolls in. The symbolic symbols and gestures of past holiday times have lost their meaning for they have been replaced by monetary concerns. From Walmart to Publix to cities and towns the earlier the better with holiday fare around. Now, they have eroded the essence of why we celebrate this time of year.

With cash resisters ringing is music to their ears. With random abandonment they ring loud and clear erasing the traditions that we all should hold dear. Whatever happened to Thanksgiving we should all ask? The reality is that when November darkness starts rolling on in Thanksgiving now is just a bump in the road to that all important Christmas cash. With reverence and humility we should all have has been replaced by those endless Black Friday deals. Now, one has to wonder where we go from here. And, with November darkness gaining ground it is plain to see that we actually did lose our sense of noble qualities. It is when this November darkness came on in and started giving way to the chilling winter wind set a somber tone that we actually have to live in.