Should the Government Provide Jobs Rather Than Give Free Money In Social Programs?

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In the United States we have sort of a safety net to help the poor. However, these programs were not designed to take care of people unwilling to produce for their entire life - yet, many expect just that currently. Even people who are barely able to help, we don't ask them to do what they can, we just send them a check in the mail or money on their EBT - food stamp card. Some looking at this suggest that if you get money from the government, you should be giving a little also to the common good.

Indeed, you could do anything really, coach a kids soccer team, volunteer at a non-profit group, help as a teacher's aide in a classroom. Should we force people to work? Draft them into community service, demand they do their share for the common good? Well, it is a slippery slope to force people into the labor rolls.

Consider if you will that forced labor is what failed socialist societies do, like Venezuela after its run with socialism and financial collapse, now the government is forcing people to work in the fields to grow crops otherwise after they wait in food lines, they can't get food. Forced labor goes against the freedoms and liberties of most Western Civilizations so, I doubt the people would want to go backwards to a different form of government without a fight.

Convincing them otherwise would require coercion, false propaganda, brainwashing - my-oh-my this is sure starting to sound like Communism or NAZI Germany, not sure this is a wise move. Neither of those is all that efficient long-term. Look at Mao and Communist China. What happens when the government gets so big it no longer needs all those people or mouths to feed - expendable? Ouch.

Sounds unfortunate, who chooses who lives and dies? Don't tell me the socialist elite? Sounds like the Club of Rome and their 500,000 human Earth (Heaven on Earth) for whom? Only those not sent to hell in a hand basket? See the problem?

Societies and civilizations work best when people decide what they'd like to do, and the individual knows what they are best at. If you just take everyone, throw them into a costume, give them a pair of boots and a gun and tell them your job is to fight - well, you are not going to have an army with the moral needed to win - that's all I am saying - philosophically of course.