Are You a Card Carrier?

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I am sure many of us have used prayer lists as an aid to remind us to pray for certain individuals. Most of the names on our lists had been requested by concerned petitioners. Sometimes we would take the initiative and write our own concerns. It was exciting to be able to be the representative of other Believers in bringing their requests before God. Through the mentioning of the name of Jesus, we were given immediate access to the Throne Room of God where we would petition for a response from God on our concerns and those of others. The "rush" we would experience would be almost unparalleled in spiritual excitement. What an honor it was to talk with the God of eternity! It was so edifying that we tended to wander into prayer at the slightest moment.

I wonder how many Believers are still of the "old school" where prayers of intercession are still being practiced! I wonder how many still carry "prayer lists?" For those who are still using those soiled pages of petitioned names, make sure those in spiritual leadership are on your list; also pencil in those that are excelling in their Faith and zeal for the Lord. It is these types of people that Satan is dedicated to bringing down. He does not care about the lukewarm Christians for they are no threat to him; rather, it is Pastors and Teachers that are the target of his "fiery darts." Satan is looking for any Believer that holds the potential to bring havoc to his kingdom. Never assume that your Pastor/Teacher is so close to God that he is immune from the attacks of the enemy. So many "prayer list" carriers spend the majority of their prayer time praying for the requests issued from the spiritually immature, and leave the mature Believers exposed to Satan's tactics. (Clarification: Many Christians request from God what He has already given them authority to achieve. Christianity is not a spiritual welfare system where God gives us everything while we lay in our spiritual hammock quoting Scripture; it is "going to work" and achieving what He has already given us.) We need to pray for those in need, but we must never ignore the potential danger that faces those on the "front line."

When spiritual leadership does not have a "demilitarized zone" between themselves and the enemies of the Cross, it will not be long before their ministry will become ineffective. Prayer is that DZ. When Believers stop praying for their Pastor/Teachers, they will start talking about them and finding faults. When the intercessors vacate their position, the door to deception will be opened. Once Satan gains entry, the "cosmetic church" will be birthed. It will move from a Theocracy to a Democracy where carnal people control its actions.

I call upon all true Believers that if you have not already equipped yourself with a Prayer List, please step up and be counted as an intercessor. If you are a card-carrying intercessor, make sure you have those in spiritual authority listed. We are losing too many good Pastor/Teachers and churches due to intercessors that have gone AWOL!