Never Try to Fulfil Ministry Without the Anointing and Equipping of the Holy Spirit - Never!

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If God is sending you, then God is obviously confident that you are the person to get the job done. If you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done.

God communicates and conveys this to His chosen leader.

Gideon felt he was a weak man, from an insignificant family in Israel.

God is not impressed by our abilities, nor is He limited by our inabilities.

Weakness and inability might be the qualification God is looking for, when pride and self conceit have vanished.

Gideon thought that God had abandoned Israel. Many have thought God has written them off, or at least forgotten about the promises made many years ago. Never!

Gideon is instructed to destroy the apparatus of pagan idolatrous worship. How would that go down today?

An idol is something you sacrifice to, and can involve morality, integrity, business, ambition, reputation, sport, hobby, or wealth - pursuing lesser things.

In obedience to God, Gideon cleaned up the bad spiritual environment. His neighbours almost killed him.

Gideon was still not confident that God had called him. He put out a fleece, twice.

God answered His chosen man. Lord, do another trick. I want to be sure that I can trust you.

Gideon was a man who needed confidence and confirmation.

God is so graciously patient with us at times, putting up with our antics.

It was now time to act rather than argue.

The Spirit of God came upon him. People rallied around in support, and Gideon did what God had called him to do.

God's call comes before your repentance, but God's power comes after your repentance. He performed way beyond his natural limitations.

Gideon's godly leadership over forty years resulted in a period of peace and prosperity.

There are times when we do not feel very confident and we may need that word of assurance and reassurance. Gideon knew what all that was about in his own initial experience of God.

Called and chosen and yet with a lingering question and a trifle of doubt.- that can be a reality which goes through many hearts. We see it in Peter and Thomas, even after the resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus, in his grace, gives the confirmation to those whom He has called and chosen. We can be called and chosen but it may be sometime before we are commissioned.

The disciples having been called and chosen by Jesus had to wait until Pentecost when they were anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit - and that is when they were commissioned for the task of ministry.

Never try to fulfil ministry with the equipping and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Not even Jesus Christ, the Son of God, attempted to do that and He is our perfect pattern. He waited until He emerged from the waters of the Jordan River.

Check the Scriptures. This appears in all four Gospels. It is always wise to check the Scriptures whenever that be possible.

Take time and make time to read the Scriptures. Over the years I have noticed and observed that Almighty God has an enriching blessing for those who saturate themselves with the truths revealed in the authentic and authoritative Word of God, as we have that Word in the Bible.

Be known as a gracious disciple of Jesus Christ - who believes the Bible - all of it!