Wake Up the Sleeping Giant

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There are so many Christians who are just barely getting by, living off of meager means. The world system has dominated their lives in such a way that they are thinking that this is the way it has always been for their ancestors so this is the way it is supposed to be for them. Many have heard the word on prosperity, they have even read it themselves in the word of God but for them, they think that it is for someone else and not them. But the word of God is for everyone. He does not want any of His Children living below what He has for them. He even said, in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."

Now does that sound like God wants us living a meager life? No, it does not, so what is the problem? The problem is we don't line up our life to what He has said in His word. We think that we can do things our way and life will get better. Israel also had that mindset; they wouldn't obey God's word so they went into bondage several times. Many Christians today are living in bondage; it might not be bondage like Israel had with taskmasters watching over them with a whip in their hand but anytime we are not experiencing an abundant life then there is bondage somewhere in our life. Something or someone is holding us back from receiving what God wants us to have. We can be the one who is holding us back; sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and the reason for that is because we have not attained to the word of God and applied it to our life. Satan is the other reason why we don't receive what God has for us; he is a thief and we all know that a thief steals. This is what he is known to do and he does it well. His goal is to make us think that God has not answered our prayers but in actuality, he has stolen the answer and hid it in his kingdom of darkness.

We have a giant living inside of us who is the Holy Spirit. He is there to help us fulfill the will of God for our life but if He is not allowed to do so then He will not. He is a gentleman and He will not force His way upon any of us. We have to give Him authority to do what is necessary for us to have an abundant life. Any time we honor God's word by believing it and speaking it in the name of Jesus and applying the Blood of Jesus over His word, the Holy Spirit is released because He always follows the Blood and witness to it.

It is time to wake up that precious giant that is living inside of us. It is not that He is asleep naturally, but He might be inactive due to our slackness. So stir Him up; He gets excited when He hears us speaking God's word in Jesus name and applying the Blood of Jesus.

Romans 8:37 says, "We are more than conquerors." If that was not true, God would not have had it written in His word. But just because He said it, it does not mean we are living it. It take action on our part to live a life of a conqueror which cannot be done in a natural manner; it has to be done in the spiritual realm but if we don't know how to function spiritually then the battle is lost before it began. We have to find out what God has said in His word, believe it, speak it in the name of Jesus and apply the Blood of Jesus over it and be persistence in doing that until the Holy Spirit brings to us the result that we want.