Why America Needs Church And State, But Not Together: 4 Examples

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Have you ever tried a recipe, or tasted a food, which you thought would be wonderful and delicious, but was not nearly, how you envisioned it? You thought, because you enjoyed the ingredients, separately, you'd automatically, love them, in - combination, but it didn't turn out, that way! Our nation is, in many ways, similar to that scenario, because, while many are attracted by the principles and teachings, of their chosen, church, and others, by the philosophies, freedoms, and liberties, represented in the U.S. Constitution, when the separation of church and state, is not the overwhelming, principle, and ideal, the result, is far less than fulfilling! Our Founding Fathers realized how essential this separation is, because Americans should have the option, of practicing, whatever religion, they choose, while also being able to abstain from any, if that is their preference. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, and review, four examples, which demonstrate, why this separation, is important, relevant, and essential.

1. Religious and religion:Religious freedom, is a guaranteed right, but, while one is free to choose, they must also be able to, abstain from believing! Today, we see many politicians, and their supporters, attempt to blur, this line, and impose their religious beliefs, on the rest of the public! Many of our Founding Fathers, were not, particularly, religious, while others were, and they realized, the very meaning of freedom and liberty, demands, we do not, impose our personal desires or perception, on others! President Donald Trump, a man, who, for most of his life, was anything, but religious, seemed to recognize, the political potential of attracting evangelicals, as a significant component, of his core supporters!

2. Freedom to follow one's personal religious beliefs:We must recognize, while the prevailing, and largest religion, in this nation, is Christian, there are many citizens, who practice different religions. Whether one is Jewish, Muslim/ Islam, Hindu, etc, he has the same rights to his beliefs, as anyone else!

3. Right - to - choose, versus, right - to - life:We spend, far too much time and effort, on the discussion, about the right - to - choose, versus, the, so - called, right - to - life. While practicing, religious Christians, and some other religions, believe, abortion, should not be an available option, others believe, and the Supreme Court, determined, decades ago, the woman should have the right to choose, for herself. Isn't it imposing one's views on others, to say, only our way, is right? Freedom and liberty means, this very, personal decision, should be left to the individual, without political pandering, and/ or, interference!

4. There is no State Religion, in the U.S.:While other nations might have State Religions, the United States, was founded on the separation of church, and state! This means protecting the right to practice one's personal beliefs, and the religion, of his choice, while avoiding interference, etc!

We must never abandon our core principles of separation of church, and state, because, if we do, we lose, one of our essential freedoms! Wake up, America, and realize, while we fight for our freedoms and liberties, we must ensure, no one takes them away, despite our personal preferences!