Selecting The Right Jacket For Your Dog

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All pet owners will be aware that their pets need regular outdoor activities and exercise to keep them busy. This is more so for dogs of larger breeds that need to be kept active to prevent them from misusing their extra energy in destructive pursuits. That means keeping them busy and active at all times of the year. Any inclement weather should not be a reason to stay indoors with the pet. Like we as humans need to exercise to stay fit and healthy similarly pets need their daily quota of exercise to ensure they remain in good health.

As humans, we need to change our clothes according to the season and weather. The question that most pet owners tend to have in mind is that do their dogs need any protective clothing when the weather turns inclement the way we do. Or does their natural coat of hair keep them protected?

The answer lies in whether you keep your pet indoors when the weather is unpleasant or do you take him outdoors. Also how long do the both of your roam outdoors when it the weather is wet. Several factors need to be taken into account when deciding to get clothing items for your pet.

The good news is that there are special designer dog clothes specially made for your pet no matter the season when you decide to roam together outdoors. Some of the activities that need for your pet to have protective clothing are as follows:

Hiking in the Mountains:

If you stay in mountainous terrain and plan to take your pet on a hike up in the mountains, you need to be aware that it gets colder as you go higher. At times the temperature fluctuations can be steep, mainly in the early mornings and at dusk. Also when you'll go on extended hikes the weather may suddenly change from sunny to blustery and rainy. In areas where the weather change occurs frequently, it is essential for your pet to have the right type of clothing to keep him in warm and safe from weather changes.

In the Rainy Season:

You cannot keep your pet cooped up at home if it begins to rain heavily. When it rains you need to ensure that your pet has the right kind of clothing to protect him from the rain when outdoors. For this, a waterproof jacket or raincoat will do fine to protect his midsection. It will prevent the pet from catching a cold.

When Swimming:

You need to be aware that all species of dogs are not strong swimmers. There are some that get tired early in the water and that is why having a life jacket for them is a necessity. This is if you plan to take your dog for a swim albeit even for a short distance. Similarly when on a boat a life jacket for a pet is as essential as for its owner.

When selecting a jacket for your pet you need to consider the breed of the dog. Those dogs that have short hair like small breeds and elderly pets find it difficult to maintain their body temperature in inclement weather. A jacket would serve best to protect them from the cold and unpleasant weather.