5 People You Need to Build Relationships With in Your Real Estate Business

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Every business needs relationships. With the right people supporting you, you'll succeed at anything. It is difficult to be a loner and accomplish much in your real estate business or in any other business. And that's why as a real estate agent you need to develop your people skills.

It is as simple as finding common interests with people. The law of likability is simple. According to Michelle Tillis Lederman, author of the 11 laws of likability "When we discover similarities, we form deeper and more lasting connections. If you and I have someone in common or a common interest, that makes me like you a little more and I want to chat more."

Knowing this is critical to building business relationships because it's hard for someone to trust you with money or engage you in real estate transactions unless he/she likes you.


Strong relationships form the backbone of many established companies. If you create the aura of "closeness" by being genuinely interested in people and then offering them something valuable, you can win a business partner for life.


You probably work with a brokerage firm. If you don't, you have a partner you're working with in your real estate business. You have to create an environment of mutual respect and be genuinely interested in them.


They can help you when the bank disappoints you. They will keep working with you if you're valuable to their business. Cultivate connections by being a good wellspring of data and customers.


You should have a network of contractors whom you can call whenever your client needs their services. When you create convenience for your client, he/ she will want to do business with you again. The contractor also receives payment and will respond to your call again. Show friendliness and do not be condescending when communicating with contractors.


The bank is the focal point of most real estate transactions. Having a good relationship with the bank puts your customer in a favorable position. Be interested in your lender or banker. The fact that you send your customers their way will seal the deal.


You need to build a good relationship with brokers. They might be able to get leads for you when you desperately need it. It doesn't need to be your brokerage alone, you should expand your tentacles.

Having great business relationships is an ingredient for success. Don't be a lone ranger. Create convenience for your clients by having these business relationships in place and get referrals with ease.