Office Space Design: How to Make It More Effective

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Office space design has been one of the top priorities for most of the business owners when they look for an office space for their business. Of course, it has to be a top priority as design plays a very important role in providing a great environment for employees while allowing them to work to their full potential. It's something that alters the moods of employees greatly; so having an effective office space design will certainly boost the productivity of employees while helping them to be focused.

But how would you make the design effective? Here's how you can do it.

1. Prioritize flexibility

Every business owner must be aware that comfort zone is where the magic happens. One of the elements that promote the creative and physical wellbeing of employees at a workplace is the movement of the body. Human body is not made to sit in a 90° posture all the day. An effective workplace will always be a flexible one allowing employees to work out of their desks.

Yes, it's all about breaking the bond between the employees and the desk. Design your space in such way that you have some areas that allow your employees to work standing (like café height tables), sitting (couch or traditional workstations), so that the employees can feel free and work from where they are more comfortable.

2. Showcase your culture

The first thing you should think of when you start designing your office space is, what you have to convey through the design. It's very important for a company to be reflecting its culture in its design. It gives employees a feel of being involved with the company's endeavours which builds great trust and creates a strong bond.

One simple way for companies to reflect their personality is to use colours. For instance, a creative agency can have its paint, interior and furnishings in vibrant colours like yellow and orange. This also fosters creativity in employees while also adding value to the company. Know what colour has what impact and employ according to the company culture.

3. Include play areas

Employees at a workplace definitely need some refreshment in their hectic schedules, client calls and tight deadlines.

How relieved do you feel with a simple table tennis match after a hectic day at work?

That's a lot right? Definitely it is. People with their hectic schedules at work have almost forgotten the day when they last played a sport. This being the case, having play areas at the workplace encourages employees to be lively all the time playing indoor games like table tennis, carom board or any other. It's just a break to their non-productive drag bringing them back to focus.

These are a few simple tips to design your office space so that the employees feel more lively and productive at the workplace. So, if you are planning to design your office space, consider these tips to make it a great place for employees.

And if you are searching for an office space that already has these features, there are lots of fully furnished office spaces available in the market. Just seek help of an expert commercial real estate agent who can help you find a good office space that suits your business, employees and the company culture.