Thrillseekers Must Experience Mount Kinabalu's Via Ferrata!

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Guinness World Records lists Mountain Torq's via Ferrata on Mount Kinabalu as the worlds' highest, at a recorded altitude of 3,776 metres!

In Italian, the translation of via Ferrata is 'Iron Road' and along the mountainside of Mount Kinabalu is a trail of steel cables used for climbing steep parts inaccessible without this method.

Fanatic mountain climbers and beginners to the sport are all able to experience the via Ferrata activity during the Mount Kinabalu climb. There are many via Ferrata routes that range from basic to advanced level to suit a climbers' fitness level.

Mountain Torq's via Ferrata is aimed toward the adventurous climber because descending from the summit, Low's Peak, is steep! Not advised for those with a real fear of heights!

The via Ferrata activity requires participants to stay at Mountain Torq's Pendant Hut accommodation near the Laban Rata compound, at an altitude of 3,270 metres.

The jungle trail to the Laban Rata compound is the same for all climbers, however to partake in the via Ferrata activity, climbers must reach Mountain Torq's Pendant Hut in time for the compulsory briefing on equipment and safety. For this reason, it's recommended for climbers to start their climb from Timpohon Gate as early as possible.

The basic level via Ferrata route is Walk The Torq and takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete. There are fun crossing methods along Walk The Torq, such as a Tyrolean traverse, where the climber uses gravity to propel along the cable to which their harness is attached, much like a zip line or a flying fox.

The panoramic views of the mountain ranges below are spectacular as the climber is suspended in mid air and the Mountain Torq guide will suggest a photo opportunity.

The advanced level via Ferrata route is Low's Peak Circuit, and the Guinness World Record holder for the worlds' highest via Ferrata.

Descending from the summit, the detour route for the Low's Peak Circuit via Ferrata is at 3,776 metres. The route is more suited to climbers with above average fitness level, as it takes 4-5 hours to complete and is very challenging, so it is required participants be 17 years or older.

Climbers will have an exhilarating experience during the Low's Peak Circuit, as well as enjoying breathtaking views from the highest suspension bridge in the world at 3,600 metres and a Nepalese bridge at 3,580 metres.

Once completing the course, the descent will continue to Timpohon Gate and Kinabalu Park Headquarters after a buffet-style breakfast served at Pendant Hut.

Climbers are able to experience the attractions available at Kinabalu Park, such as the Poring hot springs. It's worth soaking in the therapeutic sulphur-rich waters to recover from the arduous mountain climbing before going back to the busy, concrete jungle of Kota Kinabalu City.