Fencers And The Ability To Correct Performance

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Corrections in Individual Fencing Lessons I

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The Counterriposte in Fencing

A counterriposte is a riposte delivered subsequent to the first parry and riposte of a phrase. Fencer A attacks, fencer B parries and ripostes, and ... read more

Attack Geometry

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Compound Attacks in Foil Classified - Modern and Classical

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The Technical Environment of the Stop Hit

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Planning The Fencing Lesson - I

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The Third Step On Fencing's Tactical Wheel

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Corrections in Group Fencing Lessons

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Non-Exercise Fatigue As a Factor in Fencing

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Tactical Outcomes From The Fencing Parry

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Principles for Making Corrections in Fencing Technique

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Simple Fencing Parries Classified - Foil and Epee

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Spar Your Way to Better Grades With Fencing

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Speed of Blade Paramount in Fencing

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