Useful Tips for Beautiful Ponds

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All water bodies, if neglected, would develop unwanted vegetation in less time than you can imagine. Algae and weeds appear delicate but they are genetically coded to survive and flourish under the most unfavourable conditions. Murky or green water appearance in ponds and lakes is due to algae in the water body. Some green algae are difficult to remove because of its delicate and minute structure; also it is not a wise step to remove the algal blooms manually using water rakes or any other method. Such methods help you to get rid of the visible algae in the pool but the spores left behind result in quick reappearance of the algae. Since algae produce spores in huge quantity, the apparently clear water and sunlight easily reaching the bottom, more spores germinate and flourish than before and aggravate the problem.

Pond owners turn to chemical treatment of algae, once they have unsuccessfully tried manual removal of the algal blooms. Chemical treatments are tested and proven methods of algae removal, but not without harmful side effects. In addition, the algae and weed killers are ineffective at checking algal regrowth. Repeated treatments may leave your water body deficit in essential minerals or elements including oxygen that are important for the growth and survival of your decorative water plants and prized collection of fish. Therefore it becomes imperative for the pond owners to look beyond the traditional methods of combating algae and weed growth in the water bodies.

Pond dyes offer an effective, eco-friendly and simple solution to this problem. Pond dyes or water dyes immediately transform dull, brown or murky waters into an attractive hue of blue or reflective shade of black. Pond dyes are available in various colours. You can have your favourite pick from the online suppliers. Water dyes are available in a vast range of colours including reflective black, vibrant blue, refreshing green and even bright orange. Pond keepers may choose the shade according to their liking and aesthetics of the surroundings. For example, blue background offers a perfect setting for pink lotus bloom. Black water surface provides a striking backdrop for white tropical lilies.

Coloured waters also hide your precious fish collection from predators including herons, pet dogs and other animals or birds. Water dyes do not stain you, your pets or fish. They are completely safe for water organisms, surrounding plants and pets. The water from the coloured pond could be safely used for watering the garden plants and for consumption by the stray or pet animals. Pond owners could go ahead with any other treatment procedures soon after colouring the pond.

Pond dyes offer a suitable and cost-effective method to keep away undue algal growth.