How to Break Out of Duct Tape

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Crime has shot through the roof these days as many of you are aware. I mean, how could you not be aware unless you have been living under a rock with bad cell service?

Unfortunately, some of the biggest crimes on the rise along with terrorism are, carjacking and home invasions. Scary right?

Well as it turns out, in many home invasions and carjacking situations, victims are often restrained. Ugh.

You may think that handcuffs would be the most common tool used to restrain victims during these crimes... but actually, they are not.

Duct tape is used more often by criminals to restrain victims during hope invasions, kidnappings, etc. That's because it is cheap, readily available and effective. That is, unless you know how to break out of duct tape.

So here is how to break out of duct tape. Let me just say first, before you try going all out and wrapping your wrists in ten layers of tape like I did in a recent video, start out with just one layer. This will help you learn the simple technique and keep you from getting overly-anxious as some people (heck most) have severe anxiety when it comes to being restrained.

How to Break Out of Duct Tape: Step by Step

Now, believe it or not, this is much easier than you think. As you learn how to break out of duct tape you will probably be like me and want to up the challenge (and break out of ten layers).

I started out just breaking three layers of tape on my wrists. Then I had someone wrap my ankles in five layers, hands in five layers and even my mouth. I implemented the same method above. Obviously the most important piece of the puzzle is to free your hands first so you can remove the tape from your mouth and then from your legs.

Once you do this a couple of times, you will totally lose your fear of being restrained with tape. - And to some degree you will even lose your fear of being restrained period.

Although a little different, the same method I described above on how to break out of duct tape will also work for breaking out of zip ties.