What to Expect From 10 Day Biking Trips

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Traveling around the world is almost everyone's dream. A common itinerary includes securing accommodations and visiting well-known places in the area. If it is a beach, participating in aquatic activities is a must. Other activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and rappelling may be alternatives. A big part of the stay involves a lot of picture taking. Doing these things on every place you visit, however, can be a tad too repetitive.

Say you are visiting New Zealand this year. It's the best place to sightsee with all the natural wonders everywhere you look. Touring the region by car may not give you the best experience. You have to experience the wonders as close to nature as possible. A new and exciting way to enjoy your travels is by participating in bike tours.

Along with several other cyclers, you will traverse plains and roads free from traffic. Experience the natural heat and cooling winds brought to you by biking. Pass through different types of terrain and enjoy the scenic views up close. If you want a different way to explore new lands, this is your most exciting option. Take your family and friends with you and share memories that will last forever.

Most bike tours last for 4-10 days. The number of days may be different with every package and destinations. Choose a tour you think you can handle. Here are some of the things you may expect from biking trips through New Zealand.

A Whole Lot of Cycling

It did not get the name "bike tours" for nothing. You will be spending most of the time cycling as this is your major means of travel. Pedal through the Greta Valley, the ancient Maori lands, and the farmlands of Canterbury. Be in awe of the naturally weathered limestone at the Weka Pass gorge.

This is just the first day. Many more interesting landmarks await you each day on your 10-day trip. There are resting points and prepared accommodations at selected towns that are part of the itinerary.

Hiking on the Glaciers

There will be points when you have to leave your bikes at your accommodations or way stations and head to hiking spots in the area. Hike through the famed Fox Glacier and explore Franz Josef. Your guides will provide ice-gripping boots and walking poles. You will spend two nights at the town so make sure to explore every interesting spot of the area.

Kayaking or Canoeing on the Lake

On your stay at the Wilderness Lodge, you will be free to explore the pristine Lake Moeraki. The lodge will provide you with canoes and other necessary equipment. Pass through the peaceful waters of the lake and enjoy nature at its finest. The lodge is a well-known stopover because of its food and gracious accommodations.

These are just some of the activities you can expect on your 10-day trip. After the tour, you are free to explore the area on the last stop. Tour guides may provide you with recommendations on what to visit next.