Track & Field Athletics

Track and Field is a competition consisting of a variety of running, jumping and throwing events. Dating back to Greek Olympiads as well as those o ... read more

Track & Field - The High Jump

The high jump, unlike many modern Track & Field events, does not have roots in the Ancient Olympiad. Rather, its first recorded event took plac ... read more

Track & Field - Multi-Event Competitions

In addition to the individual running, jumping and throwing track & field events, there are multi-event competitions in which athletes can comp ... read more

Track & Field - Pole Vaulting

The pole vault is a variation on the high jump that allows competitors to get more height through the use of a fiberglass or carbon fiber pole. Thi ... read more

Road Races - Marathons, Half Marathons and 10 K Races

In Track & Field there are dozens of events in Three categories: jumping, throwing and running. All short running events are held on the Track, ... read more

Track & Field - The Triple Jump

Track and field has a variety of jumping competitions: the long jump, the high jump, the pole vault, and the triple jump. Though which is hardest i ... read more

Track & Field - Long Jump

Track and Field is known for running events, but there is so much more that goes on within that oval! The long jump is not a new Olympic event. In ... read more

Can Jumping Rope Significantly Improve Your Vertical Jump?

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Throwing Events - Track & Field

Along with running and jumping events, throwing events complete the Track & Field trifecta. The throwing events are the javelin, discus, shot p ... read more

Track Running Events

Track & Field is composed of three sections: throwing, jumping, and running events. There are dozens of events encompassing the three sections. ... read more

History of Track & Field

Track and Field, known simply as Athletics in the rest of the world (excepting the US and Canada), dates back to 776 BC. The first Olympics had onl ... read more

Wilt Chamberlain - Track and Field at the University of Kansas (KU) In Addition to Basketball

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How to Improve Your Jumping Ability For High Jump and Basketball

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Barnard Lagat Becomes "Chairman of the Boards" by Winning His 8th Wanamaker Mile

There are certain moments in track and field history that merit our attention, and this is one of them. An obscure runner from Kenya-Bernard ... read more

Clash of the Sprinting Titans

Who is the better athlete, Michael Johnson or Usain Bolt? Michael Johnson, if you didn't already know, was the previous 200m record holder before U ... read more