Volleyball Drills for Players Just Starting Out

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It can be difficult knowing exactly where to start when running volleyball drills for beginning players. You as the coach probably have no idea what their skill level is, or you may even be teaching children who are just starting out. Either way, you need a way to help teach your players the basics of playing, while still giving them the skills that they will be using throughout their volleyball careers. After all, any future knowledge begins with a firm foundation of the basics. To that end, it is a smart idea to have a set of volleyball drills at your disposal that will help teach the beginning or unknown player to help assess their particular skill level.

These volleyball drills will help form the basis for all future drills. The first one is a simple toss and pass. Have your players pair up and stand about 5 feet apart, facing each other. One person has the volleyball. Have that person toss the ball to their partner, in a slight arc. The other player will then pass the ball back to the first player. Have them repeat this 10 times, then switch positions, having the tosser become the passer and vice versus. The object is to have the passers execute as perfect a pass as possible. Go down the line, watching each pair, and correcting any mistakes that you may be seeing. You can also use this same volleyball drill set up to work on setting. Have one person toss the ball into the air, while the other player sets it back. Again, you will be working on form and accuracy only.

For this next set of beginning volleyball drills, have your players standing facing a wall. The first drill to run is a wall hitting drill. Pick a spot on the wall and have your players toss the ball to them selves and hit it at the wall, aiming for the spot that was picked. While hitting that spot is important, the main thrust of this drill is to work on arm movement. You will again want to ensure that you correct any mistakes being made. While looking for mistakes, be sure to watch for small ones too, as these can compound themselves in later drills. The other wall drill is a wall block. Have your players start in the blocking position in front of a wall. They will then jump and reach as high as they can, in essence blocking the wall. They will then land in a blocking position. One of the main aims for this drill is to ensure that the players do not drag their hands down the wall, in essence, touching the net on their way down from a block. Watch closely to ensure that your players maintain good form throughout the move. These wall volleyball drills are also intended to show your players that there are things that they can work on alone, outside of practice. Anything that your players can do to help them become better players is what you should stress to them.

No great player is born that way. No matter how successful they are, all of the greats started out with just the basic beginning volleyball drills. These drills helped enforce the set of skills that would serve them later in their life. The volleyball drills here are a good beginning set of bricks to lay the rest of your volleyball program on. When you see your players reach the Olympics in volleyball, you will know that they would never have been able to get there without the core set of movements that started with these beginning drills.