Emergency Survival, Is Your Family Prepared?

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There are many events that we should prepare for while we have time. After an event happens it is too late. In this article, we will discuss one more event that could happen at any time and should concern us all.

*Being trapped inside a stranded or disabled vehicle away from well-traveled areas where assistance is not readily available

Occasionally we hear about someone unsuspectingly being trapped in their vehicle and probably hope and pray that this will never happen to us or any of our family. Most of us will never have this happen to us, but some will and because we do not know who that will be we must all take steps to assure that we will be able to survive if we become a victim.

Suppose we are out for a family drive into an isolated area or we lose control of our vehicle and go over an embankment where we are out of sight to other travelers. Our car is damaged so as we cannot get out and we are trapped. There are some things that we should all do ahead of time to prepare for this possible life threatening event. If this should happen to you remember the very first thing is to stay calm and don't allow panic to take over. If we are somewhat prepared we will have done all or some of the following.

Every car should have a small inexpensive tool that is readily available at many retailers that can be stored in a holder on the dash of your car. This tool can cut your seatbelt free if you are unable to release it, and can also easily break open a car window to allow you to escape the vehicle.

If we are trapped inside with no such tool and cannot escape the vehicle, realize it may be some time before we are missed by people who will start looking for us. As a side note, it is a good idea for us to inform someone of our plans if we are going to travel to a remote area so that they will have some idea where to begin to look for us if we do not return.

We should all have these essential items stored in our vehicle at all times. In most new vehicles we can usually access the trunk of the car through the rear seat. Some have hinged fold down back supports. Become familiar with your vehicle to know how you can get into the trunk from the passenger area if necessary. Emergency essential items can be stored in the trunk if you have access to it.

These supplies must include; a first aid kid in case emergency care is needed. A good flashlight and a canned air horn like boaters use, both of these can be used as signal devices. A short supply of food items that can be stored long term for emergency use. We should rotate these food items on a regular basis. A generous supply of water, we can sustain life longer without food but must have water. Some blankets or solar coverings to keep warm, do not plan on running the vehicle engine. Even if it is able to run the exhaust system may be blocked and by running the engine we may be unknowingly subject to carbon monoxide gas. We should not run the engine saving any remaining battery power for the last effort to summon rescuers by sounding the horn when they are in sight or nearby. Have a CB or other two radio with our emergency supply items, cell phone reception may be non-existent. Do not run you cell batteries out of power as they may still be able to send a ping signal to rescuers.

These are just some of the items we need to have available to be prepared. First among then is the tool to be able to get out of the vehicle. The other supplies are necessary if trapped in a vehicle or if we have to survive outside until help arrives.

We can add to these supplies with items like a tent, sleeping bags and other things to assist us until help arrives but we must have the basic things mentioned above.

Above all do not panic or let panic set in, many people have survived this exact situation and so can we. Most of all beginning today, Be Prepared. Safe travels!