Why Do Men Leave And What Can I Do To Get Him Back?

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Do you want to know the question I get in my inbox from my readers more than anything else? Yes, you probably guessed it. Why do men leave?

Often times love by itself isn't enough to keep your man around and sometimes it may seem like no matter what you do he does not seem happy.

Women and men view relationships differently. To men, commitment and relationships often mean stress, too much responsibility and a lack of freedom.

These feelings combined with other factors often result in him walking away from the relationship.

Let's review a few of these factors and discuss a few reasons why men leave.

Bored To Death

Monotony can cause havoc in a relationship. Have you allowed your relationship to become boring and predictable? Does it seem like your boyfriend or husband is annoyed by you? These may be strong indicators that it is time to change up your routine. It is likely he is bored to death.

Fighting And Nagging

Most men complain that they hate listening to their significant other nag them about chores and other things. It is OK to make your point, but try to refrain from repeating yourself frequently and beating a dead horse. Most men will refuse to stick to a nit picker who argues, nags and fights. Their interest and love will naturally fade.


This is another big reason why men leave. After a certain point of time your man might realize that you two are not compatible enough and have nothing in common. If your man does not feel that connection, the relationship will simply become a "work" for him.

Too Much Responsibility

Some men jump into a relationship just for the heck of it. Maybe he feels obligated because he got you pregnant or he is looking for a consistent partner for sex. Sometimes it is simply the unwillingness and immaturity to commit that makes them want to pull out of their relationship.

Lack Of Sexual Contentment (Number 1 Reason Why Men Leave)

A lack of sex or intimacy in a relationship may cause your partner to look elsewhere for pleasure and satisfaction. If there is absolutely no spark in the relationship and it isn't fulfilling enough, men usually tend to mentally withdraw from the relationship. This is one of the biggest reasons why men leave.

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