Love Needs

It is natural for human beings to desire love; as the saying goes, 'love makes the world goes round'. Though it may not be true in the physical or ... read more

Different Types of Love

L O V E - this word must be one of the most used words in the human world, regardless of the language or culture. But there are so many different m ... read more

Tantric Rituals, Sex and the Aghori Clan

ESP through Sex Black magic is a word heard by almost all people; though very few are aware of the nuances involved. It actually means to pl ... read more

Relationships: Why Are Some People Unable To Move On From Their First Love?

Although one can have the desire to be with someone, they may find that they unable to take the next step. What this is likely to show, is that the ... read more

Nothing Else Matters

"Trust I seek and I find in you, Every day for us something new, Open mind for a different view, And nothing else matters." - Metal ... read more

Forgiveness and the Purpose of Life

My earliest experiences of profound forgiveness came easily, because I saw my fault, but some of my latter experiences have been harder. They haven ... read more

When Love Means Safety

What language does love speak? By what values is love defined? Love's values are found in being meek. Love speaks a language that's kin ... read more

Live Like You're Loved

Through the trials and snares and difficulties of life, when much of the time we might feel beaten down, there is an urgency in the heart, the soul ... read more

Making Work a Labour of Love

Brother Lawrence said in his Practicing the Presence of God, that "GOD... regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is perf ... read more

Thanksgiving and Thought for the Unfortunate

At Thanksgiving, the American and Canadian holiday, families get together and celebrate many things, not least being together. It's a time of festi ... read more

Living the Loving Kindness of Encouragement

It was Ravi Zacharias who said there will always be the need of encouragement to meet suffering in the world, because suffering is ever present.

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What Loving Yourself Unconditionally Does For You

It has taken me a long time to realize this truth. We are energy and light who vibrate at different rates. Society rules created erroneous guidelin ... read more

How Women Try to Get Love and Fail

I've seen it so many times with women. I've even done it myself in the past long ago. Women seem to push away their men to try to get what they wan ... read more

10 Underlying Obsessive Love Factors

How to Beat Obsessive Love and Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries. Falling in love brings a rush of so many feelings. Ther ... read more

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Obsessive Love Disorder

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