Dealing With Depression After a Breakup

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When you breakup with somebody, it can really be a struggle for you to pick up the pieces and move on. Your whole world seems like it has crumbled around you, and each day seems more difficult to simply get through. Friends and family will try to help with your pain, but you find that no amount of help seems to lessen that pain that you feel. The struggles continue until you reach the point that you begin to suffer from post-breakup depression. Dealing with this type of depression is difficult to do on your own, you really need a strong support system to get back on your feet. Here are some techniques that will help you to deal with this type of depression head on and gain back control of your life.

Looking In From the Outside
Consider for a moment what your relationship looks like if you were looking at it from the outside. Possibly you see an abusive relationship where there was no love between two people any longer. It could be that the two of you stayed together more out of habit than of being in love. Then tell yourself that this might have been the best thing that could have happened to you, or you would have been on that road to misery for much longer. If the relationship was fine, then tell yourself that you simply didn't work hard enough and you need to learn to improve your relationship skills in order to make it work the next time. Study how your relationship really was from the outside to identify areas that needed improvement.

Stop Calling Your Ex
The days and weeks right after a breakup is extremely emotional for everyone involved. It is too easy to fall back on old habits if you constantly call your ex and need to see them. This is not going to fix anything, especially if one partner has already committed to moving on. Stop calling your ex and get back your strength and confidence first. Once you are able to look back on the relationship for what it was, then if you have to talk with your ex the two of you can meet and discuss things like two adults with no chance of emotions putting you in a position to do something stupid.

Focus on the Positive
Being in a relationship takes work and most of your focus and time. Consider the fact that now that you have this free time you could possibly focus all your efforts on doing something that really is passionate for you. Have you been neglecting a hobby activity that really calls you, then now is the time to roll up your sleeves and start doing things for you. Maybe you have a particular skill that really is unique, let the world know about it and focus all your attention on it. When you put laser focus on anything, you get better at it. Best of all it will take your mind off the breakup and allow you to grow on your own.