Let Go - Move On

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We live in a constantly changing landscape, never more obvious than in spring, the season of energy and renewal. We tackle untidy cupboards, sort out garages and carry away truckloads of growth that we've cut away from the garden.

A garden that isn't pruned soon becomes choked up, unlovely and unhealthy.Seasons and life cycles apply to our personal lives just as they do to gardens. As our busy lives become busier, we sometimes need to prune. Gardeners know the rules.

A gardener first looks for branches that have died and cuts them away to make room for new growth. Relationships, whether with friends or partners, can wither and die. Although it's difficult, in the long run it's sometimes better to recognize that reality, than to keep hoping that something which is gone will ever come back to life.

Removing deadwood in a relationship is no different from doing it in a garden. Its removal makes energy and resources available for a new start. You have to let go to move on. As children grow up they too have to let go of childhood friends, activities, and even that old comfort blanket, so they can move on with their lives. Where are you holding on when you should be letting go?

Some plants never grow strongly, no matter how much care you give them. Some people and situations never change, no matter how much effort you put into them. Life gets better when you recognize the time to cut your losses; to accept that a business will never be successful, a child will never achieve to the level of your ambitions, or a marriage will never be happy. Are there better uses of your energies and personal resources?

When you remove clutter from a garden, things grow better. Lives become cluttered too. If you are starting up a business it will serve you better to focus your efforts on A list prospects rather than fritter away resources on rats and mice. Friends, both real and electronic, can create clutter that prevents you build deep trusting relationships with people who are important to you. Cupboards overflowing with clutter slow you down when you're hurrying to do something important.

Accepting that life sometimes has to be pruned and that endings are necessary, allows you to let go more easily and move on. It's part of growing up - no matter how old you are.