Never Forget Who Was There For You When No One Was

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Remember we cannot become what we want to be if we remain what we are. My indifference towards you sister is the result of your actions. Blame yourself for being ungrateful for the things that I have done for you.

I just wonder why you do not know how to appreciate the good things I did for you especially when no else does during the times when you really have nothing and nobody to turn to. I was always there for you not only you but for our entire family; to the point of sacrificing myself for your sake. But still I am left unappreciated. What is "thank you"? Is it really hard to say those words. Why do you kept on complaining when I did nothing to you but goodness. I just can't tolerate what you did to your kids. I don't care about your husband. At least have the guts to show mercy to your children. You left them with nobody to turn. You are their mother. You are supposed to be their anchor. But what did you do? You abandon them because of your selfish motives. You want to be happy just for your own well-being. And then you expect me to support you? My God, what do you think of me? Stupid?

Once and for all, learn to appreciate before time makes you appreciate what you had. You are in fact very lucky to have me as a sister. You know that I would never let you down especially in times of needs. But you never learn how to count your blessings just by having someone you can turn to. I am a friend and sister remember that!

You did wrong to your kids. You should have asked forgiveness from them. You owe them that much. You are expected to be a mother to your kids not just a woman who gave birth to them. Your kids need you the most. Why did you forsake them just for the sake of another man? Are you sure that he would always be there for you, especially during the rough times? I don't think so. Never blame anyone for your circumstance. It's your choice, so suffer the consequence of your actions.

Never blame me if I won't help you anymore!I would rather support your kids than you who keeps on complaining rather than appreciating the people who are there for you no matter what.