The SHOCKING Secret About Female Vulnerability!

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It Is Actually Very Attractive To Men

If you are like me, you probably thought and felt many times that being guarded and protected keeps you from suffering, especially in love relationships.

I used to be like that. I used to be the Queen of self-defence mechanisms. I could have had a successful business in selling these mechanisms to people.

But I realized that defence walls and protecting myself do not work. Not that it does not work with men, it actually doesn't work with anybody. The moment I allowed myself to be vulnerable, I could see people opening up to me, I had more intimacy in my marriage, I had more success even in business and experienced strangers in the street or at parties approaching me without me running away, terrified.

I used to be so afraid to allow myself to show my vulnerable side because that was being me and I did not want to allow others to see the real me, most of the times. I wanted to appear strong, in control, unapproachable. I really believed that those were my strengths.

I learned a counter-intuitive SECRET: it actually takes a lot of strength to become vulnerable. That was an interesting discovery for me. And it made all the sense and difference in the world.

Why is your vulnerability attractive to men and people in general?

Here are few steps to allow yourself to be vulnerable, thus more attractive. Here is what you can start practising today:

So, keep in mind that vulnerability is part of who you are. But there are so many strengths in you as well. Focus on your strengths, develop them and the world will smile at you!