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Timely Tips: How to Maneuver Through Sudden Change

Like a tornado, sudden change can pick you up and spin you around. When that happens, how do you get your feet back on the ground? The following ti ... read more

Why You're Not Able To Get The Life You Want By Manifesting Love With A Life Of Purpose

Do you know at least a single person that seems to make the best of a life situation even when it comes to manifesting real love?< ... read more

How To Unlock Your Hidden Creativity

Maybe you feel just like you're not a creative person generally, or maybe you merely desire a little a push to get the solution you're seeking eith ... read more

Message From the Universe: Visualizing Your Future!

"Did you know that your primitive little computer already has about 672 powerful options, shortcuts, and functions you don't even know about th ... read more

What Life Coaching Is Designed to Achieve

Schmidt's remarks address the core of life coaching: A steady relationship can be the foundation of self-awareness. Truth be told, individuals who ... read more

Leadership Lessons From General H Norman Schwarzkopf

H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. as a child dreamed of a military career.His father, H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr., had attended West Point, "serve ... read more

How to Learn to Love Yourself More

Our inner critic is there always to demean and criticize us. Therefore, we have negative chatter in our minds. Replace these negative thoughts in y ... read more

What's Stopping You From Writing?

Think about this, really, how important is writing? To figure this out, one need to only look around, anywhere, anytime. If you look, you will find ... read more

Life Is Sacred - Life Is Good

Overview: Indeed, life is sacred and life is good, and that is what I want to share it with you and its implications. The Pro-life project, ... read more

Weathering Stormy Feelings

I know looking back on my own life I can see many instances where I spoke or acted on impulse, due to the raging storms of emotion within me. Some ... read more

Here's A Manifesting Abundance Exercise To Attract Wealth And Get The Life You Want

Here's a simple, fun and easy workout to improve your wealth awareness, focus your mind and get behind yourself so that you can attract and ... read more

Opioid Addiction Kept 1 Million People Out of Work in 2015, Says Study

The opioid epidemic has not just had a devastating impact on the lifespan of Americans, but also on the country's economy. It has cost billions of ... read more

A Case of The "If Onlys"

Ever had a case of the "if onlys"? You know, as in; "If only I'd gotten that job," "If only that guy/gal hadn't broken up with me," "If only I hadn ... read more

This Technique Actually Heals Trauma

Around the middle of last year, there was a day when I felt like trying yoga again, and this was partly due to the fact that I felt lighter. What a ... read more

The Gospel Opportunity in Apology

Many people despise the thought of genuine, heartfelt apology, unless it is something they require from another person who has transgressed them. T ... read more

Success: What Do You Have To Sacrifice In Order To Get It?

Recently I came across the Dalai Lama's "18 Rules of Living," which he shared with the world at the beginning of the new millennium. Here, 18 years ... read more

Where Did Hypnosis Come From?

It came from and comes from the natural interaction of our minds with that we call reality. Conscious and Subconscious interacting. Asking w ... read more

How Long Does Grief Last For?

THIS quote on grief I'll never forget: "I believe it takes a full three years to get through loss." (Pastor Craig Vernall, April 2017) The q ... read more

Can Introverts Be Confident?

I hear this question a lot. And it's not hard to figure out why. So, CAN introverts be confident, then? Let's have a look. But for the purpo ... read more

To Be an Alpha Male or Not to Be: Part 1

One of the more socially important topics within the dating world is whether a man is an "alpha male" or a "beta male." However, there is a major f ... read more

If You Want to Take Your Mission in Life to the Next Level, Don't Look Outside Yourself, Look Inside

This is a little story of a boy and a girl who were playing together. The boy had lot of marbles and the girl had sweets with her. The boy asked th ... read more

11 Ways To Increase Positivity In Your Life

#One. Breathe Stop for just a moment and have a slow, deep breath. This will lower your level of stress by kick-starting yo ... read more

5 Best Way to Memorize Things While You Study

Oh, we remember how hectic finals week were! Whether you are in high school or even nearing the final stages of your college career, most would agr ... read more

Why Do You Suppose That So Many People Never Achieve Their Goals in Life?

Why do you suppose that so many people never achieve their goals in life? The reason... Because they never set goals or lack the moti ... read more

Exhaustion Claims Another in a Communications Agency

Don't be part of the statistics. Manage stress with three -ATEs With the untimely death of yet another young talent from a ... read more

Anger - It Is Just a Feeling

Anger is a feeling. It is not logical, or illogical. It's not rational, or irrational. It's not negative, or positive. It's none of these things, i ... read more

Money and Wealth Can Be Satisfying, But Only One Way

"He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income. This too is vanity." Ecclesiastes ... read more

5 Top Tips To Be Better Organised in Business, Work and Life

Quite often we know what we want to achieve in life, but we do not know how to plan our lives to achieve it. Organisation and planning are vital if ... read more

What Are the 4 Secrets to Comprehending at Super Fast Rates That You Need to Speed Read?

A favorite pastime of mine is to ask people what it means to "speed read?" Invariably the more people I ask, the more different answers I get. Usua ... read more