Why You're Not Able To Get The Life You Want By Manifesting Love With A Life Of Purpose

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Do you know at least a single person that seems to make the best of a life situation even when it comes to manifesting real love?

I mean someone who has great success at manifesting abundance and the act of self-healing for a better life.

Or we may say, the act of understanding cause and effect as one, and the laws of the universe, through the direction of consciousness.

You might even have actually felt a little envious of the person since it appears they have everything, seemingly getting these things with very little effort as though they were born 'fortunate' or 'lucky.'.

Well, it is probably time you truly comprehend deeply that the power of manifestation lies within each of us and it depends on you to learn more about it.

Skills like making or playing a musical instrument, to gourmet meals, to improving a golf handicap, to so many other things of personal transformation, certainly does dedicate the time to his/her craft.

How great you get, depends on how well you discover the skill of manifesting love, and I mean, reflecting that inner love to the material world.

Some appear to have discovered it so well that they often times don't even understand how they do it.

It's through Real Love where Manifesting begins:

Manifesting abundance as a result of manifesting love now comes to them so readily it appears 'natural' just as a well-trained soloist or pianist appears to bring a sold out auditorium to tears without thought or effort.

They discover to think whole-heartedly that they simply deserve something; it is now part of their reality.

How can you start on your journey to manifesting excellent things for yourself and those you enjoy?

Here is the initial step-- a basic understanding of the 'Power of the Universe's Law of Manifestation'.

Getting a mutual understanding, perhaps through abundance meditation of how the "power of attraction" works is the first step to manifesting love and in turn bringing abundance into your life.

You can create the life you want as a reality you can call your own.

You can attract riches, wonderful ideas and opportunities along with joy, and so on, in your life when you learn to focus or attract yourself on them.

In order to do this, and for how to stay positive in any life situation, you must learn how to believe and think in a favorable right-minded way towards those things you seek and truly want in life.

The Course in Miraclesstates, "Now in the hands made gentle by His touch, the Holy Spirit lays a picture of a different you.".

You probably also know a minimum of someone (hopefully not you!), who harps on the negative wrong-minded aspects that are usually judgmental, and really will focus on having less with thoughts of lack.

They are drawn in to 'less' not 'having more'.

When you concentrate on "I hate my existing work," then you will never observe the elements of your employment that may be pleasing, and you'll never realize the power of manifesting love for a better life.

You should comprehend deeply that how to stay positive or just desiring something isn't going to bring that to you if you continue to focus on the 'not having,' or operating with a scarcity mindset, of that something.

You might have personally experienced that "not having lacking" attitude and learned that it obstructed your true desires, and thereby never have had the power of manifesting love turned into a great life situation.

Making the Best of your Life

Previously I discussed information on the internet like free e-books and other available content for making your dreams a reality.

The Course in Miraclesstates, "Yet only thus can you escape. The home of vengeance is not yours; the place you set aside to house your hate is not a prison, but an illusion of yourself.".

How can you make the best of life let alone dealing with adversity that as humans we will all have with us from time to time?

You need to learn to focus on a particular idea or scenario rather than on vague objectives like 'more money,' or 'winning the sweepstakes'.

Focusing on winning the Clearing House Sweepstakes or the Lottery, for example, is an unsuccessful event.

Unusually enough, lots of who focus on winning naturally dream of exactly what they could do to assist others, even though many of those dreams could actually be done with their existing incomes on a smaller scale, however they do not.

I understand several decently paid professionals that consistently inform me that they too would truly like to sponsor, for example a disabled child in another nation, and that if they win the lotto then they will do it.

If they were faced with an emergency situation, they are afraid that they can not presently manage a few dollars a day as that might leave them lacking money.

Their focus is on "lack" instead of being concentrated on sponsoring a needy child.

When they are concentrated on "a scarcity mindset" it won't ever matter how much cash they have, it will never suffice.

Just discussing sponsoring a kid brought their fears out into the open.

On the other hand if they were to focus on the idea of helping a deprived child not-at-all placing them in a bad situation, then their manifesting abundance becomes powerful.

Do you see what I mean about manifesting love?

What I would tell these folks who would like to sponsor a disabled or needy child but feel they just can not, is that a smile on the child's face will perhaps bring forth that child's own manifestation power.

This would be a positive life situation where manifesting abundance actually emerges where a child may make the best of what occurs in his/her world.

This exact same first step will work for all aspects of life from healthy, healing relationships to personal wealth, to natural weight-loss, to over-all fitness and well-being, and so much more.

Is it your turn to begin manifesting love and make the best of any life situation you are up against?

Is it your turn for others to see you as that 'lucky' guy or gal?

Does your absence of ability to begin manifesting abundance leave your soul wounded?

Would you want to find out all the steps to manifest life? You deserve it and it is time to act.

You can draw in riches, experience wealth creation, have opportunities pop up, and live a happy life, and so on, when you uncover the idea of manifesting love.

(Please note I also suggest seeking the web for more helpful content on chasing success, chasing destiny, to get the life you want Now filled with prosperity and abundance.)

To a life of passion and purpose!