Where Did Hypnosis Come From?

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It came from and comes from the natural interaction of our minds with that we call reality. Conscious and Subconscious interacting.

Asking where it came from, in the end, is asking where breathing came from - it's part of us (see Hypnosis Everywhere)

But if we ask where did the formal practice of Modern Hypnotherapy ( that is Hypnosis used deliberately to relieve stress, anxiety and pain etc.) then it comes directly from the medical community in the 18th and 19th century.

It comes from a time when the Mind Body connection was considering important to healing. As technology and drugs moved into the medical arena - there was a change in direction of medicine from the concept of healing holistically to healing symptoms.

Medicine in the 19th and 20th century moved into the Industrial technological age where you break things down to their component parts and then work on the components. Whether that is conveyor belt manufacturing or 'fixing' a symptom.

As technology became more expensive and a must-have for hospitals - the best MRI machines, the CAT Scan technology - the administrations clamoring to have the latest state- of the -art tech,so they can put them in their prospectus. Costs escalated. As costs escalated more and more patients had to be run through the machinery for best cost benefit ratios. Doctors have 7 minutes to work with a patient, Surgeons are tired, overworked, and stressed. Suicide is at an all-time high in the Medical Community. The person, the individual disappears from medicine.

As Big Pharma realized the wealth in creating 'illnesses' and then supplying drugs for them - the reason for healing disappeared and the power of money makes it appear that there is a need to maintaining constant illness.

Add in the Insurance companies cut and you can see why Health Care is staggeringly expensive - so many hands are taking, and have a vested interest in keeping costs and profits high. (see Turing Pharmaceuticals fraud case with Martin Shkreli- LINK as one example - and the manufactured Opioid crisis as another- Report Here ).

However as Hospitals stagger under their own costs - anything that can bring costs down is now welcomed. And so we see Hypnosis coming back. It is used and being taught in Trauma Wards where when Hypnosis is used there are less drugs used (less cost), doctors work with patients who are not stressed, and who are primed to heal. Thus there is quicker turnaround time and much faster ( natural) healing.

Hypnosis is being used again surgery - again faster operation time and faster healing - freeing up beds.

Hypnosis is used in Pain centers - less opioid use and therefore less long term cost to the system

Hypnosis is used in the Mayo Clinic and hospitals in Belgium. Here Patients arrive less stressed, easier to work with and faster healing time as the body is allowed to work without the stultifying load of being drugged.

However Hypnosis is still not taught in medical schools - except maybe one day of 'Progressive Relaxation techniques and Direct Suggestion - which is old style hypnosis. Useful, but hardly a complete course. The average doctor has maybe 6 hours 'training' in Hypnosis, whereas the average Stage Hypnotist, never mind Hypnotherapist, will have hundreds of hours of training.

And yet Dave Elman, in the 1950's taught exclusively doctors, dentists and psychiatrists to use 60 second inductions and 5 to 10 minute sessions to relive pain, anxiety, what we would now call PTYSD etc.

But so now the biggest benefit to the health care system hypnosis offers is that anyone can learn it - its short term fast therapy and is extremely effective and cheap. Hypnosis treats the whole person - mind body and spirit and allows the body and mind to do what they do best - heal and repair. Hypnosis de-stresses and gives back control for healing to the individual.

But the biggest downside as far as corporations and doctors have - is how to monetize a natural occurring process.

Then there is also the challenge that with hypnosis the body actually heals - and there is less and less repeat business from individual patients.

This goes against the apparent current Medical industry's mantra of ' create a symptom, make a drug'. As someone once said the Medical Industry is, by its nature, in the business of illness not health.

Hypnosis allows the individual to remove dis-ease and take back control of their healing.

We are always going to need doctors and surgeons and nurses and hospitals. But perhaps they will go back to treating the whole person, removing disease from individuals and giving them back their whole body. Not just pieces of it.