Case For Removing Ejection Seats From The F-22 And F-35 Discussed - Common Sense

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In years gone by the US Navy and Air Force said that the cost to train a pilot is very expensive and human pilots are the most important part of the aircraft. While that is very true, today our most expensive fighter and attack aircraft are over $100,000,000.00 each. With a cost like that you can be sure that the taxpayer doesn't want a pilot to eject unless it is 'absolutely necessary' and the aircraft cannot be landed without total destruction. If there is a chance, even a slim chance that the aircraft can be brought back and crash landed, preventing it from being a total loss, the military pilot should risk his/her/its life to do so, if they perish in the attempt, at least they tried.

Why is this harsh statement so hard to consider? Well, we have a pansy-ass population and we don't consider the realities or common sense of the situation. First, the aircraft are very expensive, second all that extra gear such as the ejection seat adds weight and mechanism, more stuff to service, more things that can go wrong, more things to inspect, and even if someone ejects there is no guarantee everything will work out fine anyway - chances of dying in an ejection are higher than many want to admit.

Further, if pilots don't have the confidence to fly the plane when something is wrong with it, maybe they shouldn't be fighter or attack pilots where people are shooting back real missiles and bullets. If a pilot doesn't want to fly an aircraft w/o an ejection seat, fine fly a lesser cost aircraft instead, of which our military has many.

Next, I'd like to point out that if a pilot ejects in the battlespace, he/she/it might be captured by the enemy, beheaded, drown, shot, interrogated, tortured and put on TV to demoralize the public and military, that's not healthy to the mindset need to win a war. If the pilot is interrogated and tortured he/she/it (repeat use of this for the politically correct, for which I am certainly NOT) might give valuable information to the enemy - then they will kill the pilot and we lose the aircraft/pilot anyway.

If the pilot crash lands and doesn't get out, have a self-destruct mechanism, every inexpensive and easy to build and weighs very little, two detonations, one near fuel tank, other near valuable weapon electronic systems - perhaps even delayed until a satellite can activate it, thus taking out the enemy in the process. We need to think about performance and payload. No ejection seat means more bullets in the guns, extra small diameter missiles, more fuel, better range, and more seriously motivated pilots who only believe in winning and trust themselves with adequate confidence, perseverance and will. Think on this.