How to Evaluate an Airplane Trade-Up Decision

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Sometimes it pays to make a change even if you're pretty comfortable with what you have. I purchased my first new car after graduating from college and while times were tough in the early eighties, I was able to afford a very basic form of transportation on my meager starting salary. Just $6200 was the price of my manual transmission, manual roll down windows that doubled as my air conditioning and an AM radio. It was all I really needed for transportation and I was thrilled to own a brand new car. Just one year later, I was able to upgrade to the same model car (one model year newer) and "loaded" with automatic transmission, electric windows, air conditioning, extended 5 year warranty and even an AM/FM radio! For the price of just $7100, how could I not move up? I eliminated thousands of odometer miles with a newer model year and enjoyed a rich options package for just $900 more than I paid the previous year. I didn't really need to change cars, but it sure made sense!

Of course, sometimes we just want something new but it just doesn't make sense and it's not justifiable. So to keep things objective, download the Move up Check-list from the Suburban Aircraft Sales resource pato help you evaluate your current situation and decide if you could benefit from a change. When considering new airplanes, you can spot some awesome deals if you know what to ask and when to look. Here are a couple of tips:

A professional Aircraft Sales Specialist isn't out to make a sale, but rather wants to help you make a great decision and keep you as a customer and friend for life. Nurture a relationship with an experienced specialist who may not recommend a move today, but will keep you on his/her radar and pick up the phone when he or she becomes aware of an option than makes sense for your mission and lifestyle.