Review These Areas Before Choosing a Fixed Base Operator

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With regards to aviation, you may have heard the term 'Fixed Base Operator' or FBO. Strangely, a lot of people don't know much about the services offered by FBOs. In this post, we will talk about the services provided by these companies and some of the other considerations that matter, especially if you are a sponsor, vendor or investor looking for FBO services.

What's a Fixed Base Operator?

Often called an FBO, a 'Fixed Base Operator' is a commercial company that offers a whole range of services to an airport. These companies work for a lot of clients and vendors, offering them various solutions for aviation services and airport operations. There are many services that a FBO management company may offer, which include fueling services, aircraft handling, hangar services for aircraft, aircraft sales, aircraft charter & management services, and aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul. Many of the FBOs also offer extended services like baggage handling, pilot lounges, catering, and additional services. In short, these services ensure that the airport experience is managed and handled in the safest possible manner without causing any delay in time or unwanted hassles for all the parties involved, especially passengers.

Choosing a service

If you are an investor or vendor and need to find a true service provider worth relying on, the first thing that must be checked is the experience of the company. Check if the FBO has handled major airport work and whether they have the capacity and training to deal with the specific needs of the service demands. Sometimes, companies provide specialized services beyond those of the core FBO functions. You can expect services related to MRO and ACM operations and much more. With a company that has deep and broad capabilities, you can expect to receive value in the services provided.

Other areas to consider:

Of course, before you choose a service provider, you need to be assured of the clientele and claims made by a company. Don't hesitate in evaluating the background of the company, and as needed, you can ask for a few both industry and financial references. Not all FBO management companies are global, but if an FBO has an international network it is always an added advantage. Of course, their services should be backed by experience, training and customer service focused management. Ask the FBO if they have the capability to offer reports and assistance on a regular basis and whether they have a sustainable system to track an aircraft's needs.

FBOs are an important and essential service provider at any domestic or international airport, and if you evaluate available choices based upon your needs, choosing the right FBO management company will be an easy task.