Rewarding Hobbies: How to Become a Pilot In South Africa

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Today many people invest in hobbies, but not all hobbies are the same. Learning how to become a pilot and obtaining the proper pilot license is a wonderful hobby in which all investments reap great returns for your personal and professional life.

What is the Cost of this Hobby?

Flight schools in South Africa charge a set amount for a comprehensive license training course, but this is broken down into rates for the hours you fly both alone and with an instructor as well as the miscellaneous fees they have to cover for your training.

For example: a flight school might charge R1645 per hour for the 25 dual hours of training you must complete with an instructor.

They might also charge R1395 per hour for the 15 solo hours you must fly and the 5 hours cross country you must complete.

They will also charge for the exams, medical class, ground lectures and briefings, English proficiency exam, PPL kit with notes, restricted radio license, and the CAA fees. In total, most schools charge between R85,000 and R90,000.

Where Can I Receive Training?

There are many aviation schools in South Africa offering the appropriate training in major cities across the Rainbow Nation including Johannesburg and Cape Town, Elizabethtown, and Durban.

Most of the training facilities are located outside of airports, as they provide a necessary component for learning: the runways.

If you choose to continue your pursuits, you can do so by adding to your list of qualifications and certifications. Remember that a good hobby is something which can help you in a multitude of other real world applications.

Learning basic medical training, understanding proper radio communication, and learning meteorology and how to chart travel are all activities included in the pilot license courses and are all activities you can apply to other areas of your life.

The more certifications you receive for flying, the more hobbies you will have at your fingertips.

If you really enjoyed learning, you can even get a corporate pilot license, a charter pilot license, or a flight instructor license.

After working through an airline pilot license you can teach others just like you about flying high across the South African skies.

Overall, knowing how to become a pilot is just the first step. With all necessary information in mind, you are now ready to contact the aviation flying school of your choice and set up your first lesson to get your PPL!