How To Optimise Your Articles To Speed Up Those Results You Are Looking For

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In this article I am going to answer the question that many article writers ask, how soon will I see the results of my article marketing? I am going to cover different areas that you can optimise which may have an impact on the speed of your results. After reading this article you will have a few ideas to try in your articles which may help speed up your results.

The day that your article is published you can get potential clients reading it and clicking through to your website. We all know this as article marketers, but the question is how can we speed up this process?

There are a few areas which can impact those results. I will look into a few which you can optimise in the very next article which you write.

Write about what people want to read. You have to find out what your potential readers want to actually read about. It's no good just writing about what everyone else is writing. They will just go their, if they don't then it's a good idea to presume that they will, so you are best off looking into writing unique content that your reader wants.

Never presume what your readers would like to read, even if your articles are the best in the world, if no one needs that information then it's likely that you will not see any results. This mistake can be very costly! You have to do your research.

Here is where you can start. Ask yourself what are the pressing problems your target market is experiencing right now? Make a list of at least ten questions and then strive to answer all of those questions.

Another area which you can optimise right now is the category you are writing under. Is your chosen category getting many readers? Take a look at the other articles in that category and see how many views they are getting. How many other articles are there in that category? If this category is not popular then look into how you can put your article into another more popular, but still relevant category.

Whilst you are looking at your chosen category, it's the perfect time to see what kind of headlines other authors are using. Which headlines stand out to you and why? Can you create a better headline which could potentially draw more readers to your article?