Groundhog Day - Reliving More Than 100 Years of Jim Crowe

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I was born in 1947, after World War II ended, my birthplace was Hobson city, Alabama. Founded in 1899 Hobson city has historic significance as the state's first self- governed all black municipality. As a small child I remember hearing governor George Wallace proclaim on the radio that, "little Niggra children would never be allowed to attend school with precious white children while he was governor". At the time this was not considered a racist statement, but a statement of practicality, recognizing the need to maintain stability in society and protect the person and psychology of white children.

The political opinion and staunch racial and economic beliefs of Gov. Wallace was shared by most Southern whites and many in the North. It is tribal in its nature and built upon political indoctrination stemming from hundreds if not thousands of years. It is such a powerful teaching and belief system, facts which contradict the basis of the belief are automatically rejected as fake or made up. If not fake and made up, contrary to the survival of those whom the teachings identify as fit to survive.

I've learned over the years that many whites I consider good friends and people of faith, also believe the core indoctrination shared by governor Wallace and Pres. Trump, wish no direct harm upon people of color. In fact, in their conscious mind do not consider themselves racist. Therefore, statements like the one that Gov. Wallace made about children of color attending the same schools with white children and Pres. Trump's negative statements about people of color, including his curses aimed at mothers of color, are not racist but statements, primarily, of fact. Subsequently, denigrating statements referencing people of color are basically factual and, in that sense, not racist at all.

The President of the United States and many members of his administration, by their words, deeds and conduct, have brought back into the forefront of the American political arena the long-held political beliefs that, unbeknown to many whites, was the foundation and core of Jim Crowe in America for more than 100 years. Unfortunately, the minds of those who support the doctrine of belief, historically known as Jim Crowe, are made up and cannot be changed unless their hearts are, first, changed.

If the heart, of those whose minds are made up and believe in the doctrine, can be changed, their changed hearts will change their made-up minds and our nation can continue perfecting its democracy and promise of equality, freedom and justice for all. If their hearts cannot be changed, the nation will re-live its Jim Crowe years to a horrific and self-destructive outcome.

The outcry of Americans over separating children of color, from their parents at our southern border, is an example of hearts being changed. Many of those who object to this government created tragedy share the same indoctrination as former governor Wallace and our current president, but their conscience will not allow them to remain silent. Hopefully, more hearts will be changed as the negative results of the current administrations implementation of directives and policy continue to mount. Based on the political indoctrination of the president and his core of supporters, most directives and policy changes are intended to alter America's systemic core beliefs and behaviors to conform with ages old, false, political narratives and reactionary beliefs.

Our president has created a watershed moment in American history, the nature of his political beliefs will undoubtedly cause him to create many more before leaving office. The coming years will be a testament to the destruction of the most outstanding experiment of self-governance in human history, American democracy, or a shining example of how truth will always rise and justice, in the end, will overcome discord, deceit and outright lies intended to destroy American ideals of freedom, equality and justice for all.

The woods are frightening dark and deep, but America may rise again as the light of hope that shines around the world if those who share the president's political beliefs begin to speak out against injustice.